As to be expected, I had an absolutely wonderful time at Gen Con this year! I do have to admit, though, I am very happy to be home with my dog, I missed him more than words can describe! The photos from the con are slowly trickling in, I'm having a great time looking through them and seeing all of the silliness and remembering all of the (incredibly recent) good times. If you have photos from the con, please share them with me so I can see/post them (if you're okay with it!)

Other stuff going on... I just registered for school, so, I'm about to be really busy again starting in October. Luckily I have lots of stuff shot already as I won't have too much expendable time to spend on shoots or working on costumes! Hopefully my backlog will suffice for a while :-) Once I am done with school this time, though, I will be done completely unless I decide to change careers - what a scary thought! Time for me to assimilate into the real world with my real career and stuff. Exciting, but scary for sure. I almost like hiding behind my books and studies, I feel safe there! Well, it will be nice not to be a broke college student anymore...

Anyways, hope you are all having a wonderful week and made it safe home from the convention! Hopefully if you caught the crud you get well soon! <3

xox Bear