I'm very excited to see this set on the front page! We shot this set last Spring/Summer (can't remember exactly when, but, I know it was sometime before July '15) this is my first ever three girl set! It was tons of fun and I love how bright and colorful the images turned out. The location was great - and nice and shaded on a very hot day :-) The theme we were going for was that we were having a tea party (Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack) and we get into a heated debate, pouring tea on each other, then needing to remove our wet clothes.. BOOM, NAKED! I definitely think it's one of the cuter and lighthearted sets I have been a part of and I just love it! Next up should be my new Rena set, which I'm also really pumped about - I do not have that cosplay anymore so it was/is the last time it would ever be shot. I also have the Adventure Time duo with Shodan, too! I'm not sure which one will actually go up first, they were submitted around the same time so it's up in the air - I'll be happy either way! After that.... Who knows! I still have Fionna, a new Amy Pond, Rowlet, and Leeloo all shot but not yet submitted. AND, I'm shooting the Princesses trio with Squeaks and Shodan in less than a week! AHHH my body is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!