I spy on my page... Something coming VERY soon to a cosplay website near you!

Guyssss, it's almost here! Squeaks and I are coming back to the front page in all of our boobie-squishing glory in this fantastic Pokemon duo! Squeaks makes quite possibly the best femme Ash I have ever seen and you all know me as Misty (bringin' the oldies back, yeeeah!)

I got rid of my Misty cosplay right after this shoot so this is the last time you'll ever see me do Misty (this version, anyway) and I am happy to go out with a BANG! I love Squeaks to death and shooting with her is always a blast. I have to work SO HARD to pose and make a serious face instead of laughing my ass off the entire time. She's so fucking funny it kills me.

Anyway I am also really excited to say that right now it looks like our Gen Con trio shoot is still on, if you haven't heard about it yet it is Squeaks, Shodan and I in a Princess Trio (Daisy, Rosalina and Peach!) We're still taking donations, if you are interested in helping us make this happen please send me an e-mail at anastassiabearmodel@gmail.com! Any donation of any amount gets access to my Snapchat for the entire weekend of Gen Con covering the whole con +plus the shoot (lots of naked photos & videos!)

Normally I don't ask for donations to shoot sets but with my recent surgeries and hospital stay my funds are REALLY tight right now so making this happen is a bit difficult. Though this is the only chance I have to see Squeaks and Shodan this year so I want to make the absolute most out of it and shoot a super sexy super fun princess trio for all of you wonderful members to enjoy!

Alsssssssssso on another note I shot my Rowlet and Leeloo sets! Both are being edited right now and should be submitted soon. I am SO excited! Should be shooting my Carol Marcus in about a week and a half (FINALLY) and Savage Land Rogue this month too. I shot so many sets this month, holy shiiiit! I'm also trying to squeeze in my Forsworn now that the prop is just about finished too. So keep your eyes peeled for LOTS of new content from me coming sooooon!

Last but not least I am camming now on MFC! If you ever want to come check out a show I would love to have you guys in my room! You can find me at http://profiles.myfreecams.com/Anastassia_B

Thanks for reading guys! <3