It came early! (Phrasing)

My PB set is out and about and roaming free on the front page. GASP! I am so so happy to finally be able to share this set with you guys. I feel like it was a long time in the making and gets everyone all revved up and excited for my duo with Shodan (which I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am for)! I hope you have all enjoyed the set so far, don't forget to add it to your favorites before you close that tab if you did... ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Oh, in other good news, my Pokemon duo with Squeaks (shot by Short Fuse Pinups) was ALSO just added into the queue, so that one will be going up relatively soon as well, it should be the next set I have going up on the site! So much good new stuuuuuuuuuff! I'm also shooting on Tuesday (had to change the date to do school stuff) for CD for the first time since the accident which I'm both nervous and excited about all at once. I feel like I have been working on this Leeloo for a century so it's really nice to finally get her shot. I really hope the photos come out well, I am shooting with a really trusted friend and photographer so I have confidence that he will make them gorgeous - it helps that he is also a huge sci-fi geek and really into the source material, haha! Annnnnnyway, if you haven't popped in and checked out my new set yet, I highly recommend you do so - there is lots of rolling around naked in a pink bed with pink on pink on pink. PINK!