Here's a preview of my most recent submission! It is a re-shoot of my "Cute Mode" set from a few years ago, taken off the site for blood. This is the last time I shot this character (the cosplay is no longer in my possession) but I hope to do a couple different variations of her in the future like her Angelmort outfit and school uniform! If you guys dig horror anime and lots of gore I recommend checking out When They Cry (Higurashi no naku Koro ni) - it was one of my top favorite shows for a while, if you were big in to Elfen Lied you'll definitely love it as it has the same basic feel. OH ANDDDDDD my Princess Bubblegum & Marceline duo shot by Short Fuse Pinups with fellow model Shodan was submitted this week as well! Eeeee! I hope both sets go over well in review, they've both been waiting quite a while to be submitted so I'm really happy to be able to release more information about them! I still have a few sets that haven't been submitted yet (a new Amy Pond & Fionna) and plenty of cosplays that are ready to go but haven't been shot yet (unfortunately I won't be able to get back to modeling until mid-late July with my current physical status) I've been working out daily for my physical therapy though so hopefully I will have a rockin' bod by the time I get back to shooting!

PS - my doctor let me know that I will be medically clear by the end of June, so I will be able to go to Gen Con! I am WAY too excited about this, it's my favorite convention ever and I thought I might not be able to make it with my injuries. I'm kind of on cloud nine right now knowing that I got my doctor's approval and I'll be all good to go for sure!