Hi all! Hope everyone is doing as well as they can be in the current state of the world. I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I have a new set coming up in October! It's a Halloween themed BNHA set as Vampire Todoroki. It was a ton of fun (and hard work) to shoot this set, so I really hope you all will enjoy it! Enjoy this set preview in the meantime c:

I'm so excited to be back on the front page of the site! It's been SO long, like, four years?! I'm really excited to be back as Billy from Stranger Things, shooting the set was SO much fun. Of course I always love shooting with SinfulSideofSSD and we've known each other for many years now, so it was really hard to keep in character as the bully Billy while laughing and slipping on the rocks in the water. I've done a few water shoots over the years despite being actually pretty afraid of the water in general, but this one is by far my favorite. It just looks so pretty and sparkly!! I hope you all have taken a minute to look at the set, please feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think, I'm always happy to hear your thoughts! Hope you all have enjoyed it, and I look forward to bringing more content to you all soon! 

In the mean time, please enjoy some BTS shots from the shoot :-)

Ok Ok Ok - GOOD NEWS!!! A have a new set coming to CD in the future as my Shoto Todoroki was just accepted. I plan on doing many versions of him in the future and some multis as well as a LOT of Deviants have BNHA cosplays, including many that live near me, so once it is safe there will be looooots of new stuff coming from BNHA! Shoto is my absolute favorite and I'm really happy that after six months of saying I was gonna get around to cosplaying him I finally did (better than many characters that have been waiting for years - oops). In case y'all do not have Twitter and/or did not see my BTS cell phone pics from this shoot I'm putting 'em here! I also shot Shinji Ikari (plugsuit ver.) that needs to be edited but with my computer issues I'm a bit behind on the progress for that one. Gonna be doing some Demon Slayer stuff this Summer too - I have a bunch of characters on my list but Demon Slayer is just so important to me on an emotional level right now that I kin...

Just submitted a new set I shot of Heathen as Sailor Lead Crow. In the spirit of a new submission, please enjoy these absolutely spectacular outtakes from our shoot! Hope everyone is doing okay and surviving quarantine life! Honestly, Heathen has the best outtakes, they’re some of my top favorites out of all my shoots! Haha!


As to be expected, I had an absolutely wonderful time at Gen Con this year! I do have to admit, though, I am very happy to be home with my dog, I missed him more than words can describe! The photos from the con are slowly trickling in, I'm having a great time looking through them and seeing all of the silliness and remembering all of the (incredibly recent) good times. If you have photos from the con, please share them with me so I can see/post them (if you're okay with it!)

Other stuff going on... I just registered for school, so, I'm about to be really busy again starting in October. Luckily I have lots of stuff shot already as I won't have too much expendable time to spend on shoots or working on costumes! Hopefully my backlog will suffice for a while :-) Once I am done with school this time, though, I will be done completely unless I decide to change careers - what a scary thought! Time for me to assimilate into the real world with my real career and st...

I'm very excited to see this set on the front page! We shot this set last Spring/Summer (can't remember exactly when, but, I know it was sometime before July '15) this is my first ever three girl set! It was tons of fun and I love how bright and colorful the images turned out. The location was great - and nice and shaded on a very hot day :-) The theme we were going for was that we were having a tea party (Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack) and we get into a heated debate, pouring tea on each other, then needing to remove our wet clothes.. BOOM, NAKED! I definitely think it's one of the cuter and lighthearted sets I have been a part of and I just love it! Next up should be my new Rena set, which I'm also really pumped about - I do not have that cosplay anymore so it was/is the last time it would ever be shot. I also have the Adventure Time duo with Shodan, too! I'm not sure which one will actually go up first, they were submitted around the same time...

Hey guys! Gen Con Indy 2016 is coming up in just over a week and I could not be more excited! I will be at the booth every day of the convention so you have a chance to come and meet me and get things signed any day Thursday through Sunday. I'll be signing various prints, The Cosplay Deviants Collection Vol II, The 2017 Calendar, custom polaroids... And whatever else you may want me to sign! I will also be attending the Game Show on Friday and the party on Saturday so come out, dance, have fun, and catch Pokemon with me! I'm excited to meet those of you that I have not met yet and looking forward to seeing those of you that I met last year!

♡ Bear

I spy on my page... Something coming VERY soon to a cosplay website near you!

Guyssss, it's almost here! Squeaks and I are coming back to the front page in all of our boobie-squishing glory in this fantastic Pokemon duo! Squeaks makes quite possibly the best femme Ash I have ever seen and you all know me as Misty (bringin' the oldies back, yeeeah!)

I got rid of my Misty cosplay right after this shoot so this is the last time you'll ever see me do Misty (this version, anyway) and I am happy to go out with a BANG! I love Squeaks to death and shooting with her is always a blast. I have to work SO HARD to pose and make a serious face instead of laughing my ass off the entire time. She's so fucking funny it kills me.

Anyway I am also really excited to say that right now it looks like our Gen Con trio shoot is still on, if you haven't heard about it yet it is Squeaks, Shodan and I in a Princess Trio (Daisy, Rosalina and Peach!)...

It came early! (Phrasing)

My PB set is out and about and roaming free on the front page. GASP! I am so so happy to finally be able to share this set with you guys. I feel like it was a long time in the making and gets everyone all revved up and excited for my duo with Shodan (which I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am for)! I hope you have all enjoyed the set so far, don't forget to add it to your favorites before you close that tab if you did... ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Oh, in other good news, my Pokemon duo with Squeaks (shot by Short Fuse Pinups) was ALSO just added into the queue, so that one will be going up relatively soon as well, it should be the next set I have going up on the site! So much good new stuuuuuuuuuff! I'm also shooting on Tuesday (had to change the date to do school stuff) for CD for the first time since the accident which I'm both nervous and excited about all at once. I feel like I have been working on this Leeloo for a century so it...

New avatar!

*Hysterical screeching intensifies*

My PB set is going up in about a week now (next Wednesday, to be precise)! YASSSSSS!

In the mean time, Monday is going to be exciting too because I am finally shooting my orange suspender Leeloo with Will Hollis. I've been wanting to get this one shot for CD for quite some time so it's really nice to see it coming together... Annnnd before Gen Con, too! I didn't think I'd be able to get much finished before Gen Con but hey, look at me go! Doing stuff and things! This is my current progress on Leeloo, ready to get NEKKID!

I'm gonna try and take a million selfies so there is a ton of behind the scenes for this set. Hueeeee so ready for this!