*Cookies for anyone who knows what the title is reference to*

It's sad that con season is over T-T but hey at least now I can take a break from working on new cosplays! The holidays are upon us and I'm so excited! Ive been obsessed with Mystic Messenger lately, that I decided to push all shoots a side and do a special holiday one for the upcoming occasions.

Do I make a very cute MC? I say yes. Now who wants to be my Cat Daddy or my Memelord Hacker? Ha Ha

Oh speaking of occassionsssssss....my birthday is coming up next month! I have no idea what I want to do yet. Maybe a casual cosplay karaoke party? It would be cool if other CD models could join me. I'm an awkward potato so Idk haha. Anywho, I will post a wishlist on my profile for anyone whose interested <3 Most of it is cosplay related.