I really want to shoot Shiro from Voltron and I’m like having the hardest time trying to find a place to shoot. Don’t tell me this is something I would have to build a set for 😩


I'm very quiet but for the most part I'm active. Ive been trying to take my cosplay to the next level.  So I've been working on personal projects. I've also been searching for some photographers and lucky me I have some, So i can shoot more things! Yay! I finally launched my Patreon and I'm pretty damn excited! You can find the links on other social media accounts.  I'm gonna be hella busy this month especially this week! A thanksgiving set will hopefully be shot this week or sunday for CD and then I'm working on videos for my youtube channel. 

I'm already trying to plan a shoot for Merlin( seven deadly sins) and Shania (shadow hearts), just got to get those out of the way before it gets too cold!

I was having a hellish time with a cosplay for about a month or two for a project but now that it's over I can start working on new cosplay projects! A-kon is coming up and I'm thinking about going to Anime Austin since it's a small con. For sure for sure, my biggest project to start will be Fran from FFXII since it will be my first time doing a complete armor cosplay TTATT Don't forget to follow my on my other social media accounts for WIPS and adorable AF selfies.

Current cosplay projects/Plans:

  • Fran (A-Kon)
  • Starfire *Remake* (Akon?/Anime Austin)
  • Shantae (A-kon?/Anime Austin?)
  • Sombra Cyberspace skin (San Japan)
  • 2-B (San Japan?/Oni-Con?)
  • Michiko *Michiko&Hatchin*  (Anime Austin? )
  • Allura (Oni-Con)

Of course these will be future sets for CD :P



I've been dying to do a shoot for Lana Kane since I heard about Cosplay deviants! I finally found a photographer to do it with but JFC we need help finding a location. We have a couple of ideas but it would be awesome if anyone could give us some suggestions on finding a location that wouldn't mind using their place.

*Cookies for anyone who knows what the title is reference to*

It's sad that con season is over T-T but hey at least now I can take a break from working on new cosplays! The holidays are upon us and I'm so excited! Ive been obsessed with Mystic Messenger lately, that I decided to push all shoots a side and do a special holiday one for the upcoming occasions.

Do I make a very cute MC? I say yes. Now who wants to be my Cat Daddy or my Memelord Hacker? Ha Ha

Oh speaking of occassionsssssss....my birthday is coming up next month! I have no idea what I want to do yet. Maybe a casual cosplay karaoke party? It would be cool if other CD models could join me. I'm an awkward potato so Idk haha. Anywho, I will post a wishlist on my profile for anyone whose interested <3 Most of it is cosplay related.



Thank you for the comments and the welcoming guys! I'm excited to be part of the CD family <3 Sinfulsideofssd did such an amazing job with the set, I wish I could take her with me to all the cons and do all my photos lol

I'm really eager to get more photos out. I'm not distracted anymore since I beat the new DLC for Fallout 4. Now my attention can go back to cosplay lol

I really need to start on remaking my Starfire soon and just knock it out of the way so I wouldn't be doing anything last minute by the time A.N.T. rolls around. 

when you finally become a cosplay deviant!!! Holy fuck, I can't wait for my set to go live 🙌🏾