Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile, but I've been sick so it got put off ;; But first I want to say thank you to everyone who welcomed me and made my debut on here great! I'm so happy I got to debut as Tamamo since she is one of my ultimate waifus and favorite characters!

Anyway, hi I'm Arcade Hime or Luna, I usually get called Hime or Luna, either is perfectly fine! I'm 24-years-old and have been copslaying for nearly 13 years! I took a hiatus due to some personal circumstances and life changes, but I'm back and happy to call cosplaying my career! I'm a content creator, adult entertainer and model. I cam from time to time, but I'm take a small hiatus on that due to my health issues and because of the slow summer season.

That said, I'm also chronically-ill, which is why I do cosplay and modeling and content creation for a living. Right now I'm dealing with some garbage with my health (messed up thyroid and potential brain tumor) on top of my other illnesses (fibromyalgia, endometriosis, severe IBS (with a strict diet), chronic inflammation) and dealing with depression, anxiety, autism, and PTSD. But that's where cosplay came in. It's my little escape from all the bull that life throws at me and I'm so happy to be here at CD and able to make my cosplay dreams and artistic vision more of a reality!

Other than that, I'm pretty boring lol I collect dolls, am a doll artist, practice kitsuke (kimono dressing), drown in video games and mobile games, and spend time with my wife. 

Right now I'm not sure what I'll be shooting next for a potential set. I have a Lunafreya shoot planned, but nothing scheduled and I also want to get my Yuki Onna from Onmyoji done for the site as well! I have a closet full of stuff that hasn't been shot yet I just need to figure out dates and what not.

Also, I know a lot of Deviants attend various cons so I'm mentioning that I'm (tenatively) planning on being at Nan Desu Kan in Denver this year! I'll be there just on Saturday (September 1) and I'm hoping to get to meet fellow Deviant, RyokoYuuki! I'll most likely being in my Lunafreya cosplay (her Altissia dress) if not I may be in Tamamo or Yuki Onna, but theres a FFXV group with a friend that needs a Luna so you'll most likely see me there as her! If you do see me, please feel free to stop me in the hall and say hi! I'm a little shy in person, but I am always happy to meet new people! Just let me know you're from Cosplay Deviants!

Again, thank you guys for giving me such a warm welcome to the site! I really hope to have new stuff for here soon and just really excited to be here! But for now I'll end this off here and talk with you guys soon! Lots of love!

- Arcade Hime (Luna)