I will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta today through Sunday! If you're here look for me as Fumina tomorrow! I might even let you touch my Star Winning ;)



Come stop by the Arc Dream publishing booth and say hi! I haven't had any deviant visitors yet 😒 I will autograph your boobies 😏 

Hoshino Fumina

I am finally shooting my second set this Tuesday! It took forever to figure out a good location until I realized the local game store would be perfect :3

Here is a little preview of what is to come:

I hope all you Gundam fans will enjoy:)

Will anyone be at Gen Con this year? I will be attending for the first time and will be helping out at Arc Dream Publishing's booth. Stop by and say hello ^_^

Firstly I just want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and encouraging words in regards to my first set! I am even more pumped now to work on getting more sets out for you all! (*´∀ο½€)οΎ‰

In less happy news I went to pick up my circle lenses for my cosplay that will be debuting at Animazement this weekend (and will be the next set I send in) and the package was destroyed with the lense cases shattered!!! I am super bummed that now my eyes won't be the right color for the character and am hoping USPS will refund the amount so I can afford to get new lenses later (circle lenses aren't cheap!)

Some digital hugs and the sake I just bought are needed this evening. RIP beautiful blue lenses. You were just no match for USPS.

Star Winning Gunpla

My first set will finally be up this Monday and I hope you will all enjoy it! The crown is handmade from craft foam and clear gems that I painted with enamel wash, the phone case was made using craft foam, paint and printed stickers, I styled the wig and did my own makeup and the costume was handmade by a friend of mine (I still haven't learned how to use my sewing machine, hehe). I had a blast shooting it and am excited to finally be a part of the family. Who here knows who this Queen is?? 

In other news: my next set will be submitted sometime after Animazement next weekend! (Is anyone going to be there too??) My cosplay is *almost* finished. My friend is again sewing my costume while I am altering my shoes and I even made a gunpla as part of my ensemble. Here he is in all his tiny SD glory:

Any Gundam fans out there know who this gunpla belongs to?

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First set!

Hello my fellow geeks! My first set has been approved and I am super super excited for you to all see it. I only started cosplaying last year and it is my first cosplay (currently working on my second). It is a set that I think will be enjoyed by the anime fans in the Deviant family. Here is a hint:  [      ]

If you have seen the anime I am sure you will know right away, and if not then you will find out soon!

Thanks for reading!