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Hello Deviant family! I will be attending Sakuracon for the first time ever this weekend and I am SO excited!!! I get to meet a bunch of Deviants I have never met and hopefully I will fall in love with this con as much as I did with my favorite cons back on the east coast. I miss them so much *wahh*!

Will any of you be attending? If you see me please feel free to come say hello, get a picture, whatever. I'm not scary, I promise!

I will be cosplaying as Kallen from Code Geass one of the days (maybe Sat?), and I'm not sure who else - maybe Gumi Megpoid or Maki from Love Live.

I will also be doing a live stream on Facebook at some point so keep an eye out for that! :)

Whether you'll be a the con or not, I hope you have a great weekend ^__^