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Yayy!! My new set will be released tonight! Im so exited!

Hope everyone likes it <3

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Hope You all had an amazing time at DragonCon. I'v never been and keep pushing it back every year. Maybe next year? LOL

Also exited for my new set to be published!

And I have a 4th one being edited now <3

I'm hoping the rain stops today, I was planning on shooting my Yoko Littler cosplay today for Deviants. Mayhaps the gods will smile upon me?

Im so happy my rikku set has been posted! Not sure about my future from here on with Cosplay Deviants, only time will tell. :'( Please be sure to stop by my FB fanpage to give me some lovin' and also take a peek at my Instagram <3



Still waiting for my 2nd set to be posted which was accepted 3 weeks ago. Im sad :(

Anyhow check out my latest cosplay updates on my FB page *** ** Follow me on Instagram <3 @Amyfantasea

Il be there and will be taking various of my cosplays including my Yoko Littner and Mermaid Misty. Convention will be held in the Wyndam hotel and resort, which means SWIMMING POOLS!

Let me know if anyone wants to collaborate a shoot or meetup

Had a great time at Metro this weekend, met many talented cosplayers and photographers.

Also will be shooting my 3rd set today! can you guess who it is?

Il be at this years Tampa Bay Metrocon only on Saturday July 12th. il be cosplaying as KOSMOS from Xenosaga in the morning and then i will change into my Hatsune Miku cosplay from Vocaloid in the late afternoon.

keep an eye out for me and dont be shy to sayy hello, im very eager to meet more cosplayers in my area.

send me a facebook PM if you are interested in booking a shoot at the con for Saturday.

2nd set has been sent~And its featuring my favorite character and cosplay, Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 :D

She was also my first cosplay when i started in 2008!

Here is a preview of the set on my Deviant Art <3

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My first set has finally been posted! I hope everyone likes it once its ready to go.

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