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Guess who's making a Mercy for Mew's D.Va and going to GenCon 2016?


Join me tonight at 11PM EST on CosplayDeviants Chat for the release of my new set "Nukenin"!!!

My new Kasumi set, Nukenin, will be live on the 15th! Wooooo!!! This set is super awesome and was shot up in Mt.Hood,Oregon, in the snow. Yeah, this Caribbean girl got naked in the snow and almost froze her butt off just for you guys! I hope you all like it!

SO exited to visit my home state for 2 1/2 weeks! I'll be at Megacon 2016 working the Cosdev booth, be sure to come say hi!

Any donations towards my trip would be much appreciated and i will provide you with my exclusive SnapChat account in return so you may follow my 20 day trip from Florida to Austin TX!

Message me for details here or on my FB,

Thank you!




So this just happened.
Shot a set I've been wanting to shoot for Cosdev for a long time.
With the Ghost in the Shell movie on its way, I thought it was the perfect time to be The Major.


Yayy Happy Bday to me! I won't be on the interwebs today because i'll be celebrating with friends and family. But I had SO much fun last night on chat with everyone and i'm so greatful for all the birthday wishes and gifts!

Thank you x1,000,000,000 to those who gifted and funded new cosplays, i really needed the help and i am so exited to share them all with you guys once they start coming in! Here's a preview of my new Aqua cosplay from Konosuba that i'll be shooting next week at a beautiful magical river! It was a wonderful gift from my friend Sleepy!

Thank you again, and if anyone wants to make any last minute giftings or donations here's my amazon wishlist:

If you wish to donate via Paypal message me via FB


Hi all! My birthday is this weekend, I'm gonna be 24 (ugh) I'll be celebrating on Saturday on Cosplaydeviants chat and on MFC! If you wish to gift me anything from my Amazon Wish list it would be much appreciated! I really just want cosplays, so if you have one in mind, let me know and I'll add it to the list! ---> <--- Paypal is also accepted if you wish to fund my cosplays that way! Message me for details! Thankies!

Hey listen!

Its been almost a year since I was very active with Codsev when it comes to submissions, but I have great news!

Not only do I have 2 new sets on the way for you all,but,i'm also FINALLY filming some videos! 

I'll be filming 2 this week, one as your favorite perky sphere hunter and the other as a certain big boobed loli~ yayyy!! Much exite!


Ever wanna know where I am or white im doing? Wanna creep on me? Then follow me on twitter and IG!




Have 3 sets in production *whew* One will be my first Christmas set! I'm not too crazy about the holidays, but, it would be fun to add some Christmas cheer to my portfolio. Other two sets will be anime/SciFi, hopefully all will be done before the year ends. But for now meow, Happy Halloween!!!