Hey everyone, it's been a while!

I have wonderful and exiting news, this Wednesday May 29th at 4:00PM PDT I'll be doing my first Cosdev chat livestream! Woooo!

I'll be streaming MTG Arena, so don't miss it if you are a fan of Magic the gathering!

Hopefully this will become a weekly thing if all goes well <3

Hi everyone! Im super super exited that my Lady Luck Rikku set is in queue!!!! Such a cute set shot by Shortfuse when I was in Florida ❤ I also got tagged in the eeveelutions group set SO THATS ON ITS WAY TOO!!!! *JUMPS UP AND DOWN SCREAMING* Anyways, I'm sure many of you have noticed that I'm no longer on Instagram, so please follow me on twitter and tumblr!

Twitter @Amyfantasy_

Tumblr @AmyFantasy

Hey everyone! Im so exited  to be back on the Gen Con team again, this is going to be an amazing year!

I haven't really spoken much about what i'm bringing because i've been so conflicted but i FINALLY got it down:

Thursday will be She-Ra Princess of Power, this is my first time bringing her out to a con along with 3 other new cosplays!!!!


Friday will be The Great Fairy from Zelda, Hyurle Warrors

Saturday will be the Iconic Sorcerer from Pathfinder

And Sunday i'll be Motoko Kusanagi in her Thermoptic suit

Im so exited to see you all there WOOOOOO!!!!!

Hey everyone I'm exited to share my lineup for Anime Expo 2017! This will be my first time at AX, I'm sooo exited so be sure to come say hello at the Cosplay Deviants booth!

Loads of fun stuff will be shot during AX for Cosplay Deviants and my Patreon don't miss out!

I also have a new set in the queue to be released next week! Can you guess who it is?

Can you guess who I'm shooting tonight for my calendar image? Join me tonight at 8pm PST on the Cosplay Deviants Facebook for live coverage of my shoot!


It was my 25th birthday yesterday <3 thank you all for the kind wishes, messages, gifts and support <3 It was truly a good one!

(I should have posted this yesterday but i'm a derp and forgot)

Wooooooo! One of my favorite photosets ever is finally going live!

I'm a HUGE Ghost in the Shell fan and so I'm really excited for you guys to see this set. Didn't like a white Major? How about a latina one instead? Ha

But seriously though, I did enjoy the live action film, and I think Scarlett did a good job, like for real. 



I'm competing in a VERY important modeling contest where the winner gets flown to Puerto Rico for a full editorial shoot for Splash Magazine. I'm from Puerto Rico and haven't been home in over 3 years, so it would mean the world to me if I could win this.

At the moment I am in a 24 hour knockout round where only 3 girls will progress to the final round. I'm in 4th place, this round ends tonight at 12PM EST.

How it works: You may use 1 "like" to vote for my photo on their facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/SplashMagazine2014/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1788747118042783

OR you can purchase votes starting at $5.00 here which will give me a HUGE boost Read More

My Hestia set will be released soon,  I'm super exited! 

*does happy boobie dance*

Also,  for those who might not know,  I has a Patreon now! Go see! 



So i randomly had the genius idea of making a Mercy cosplay for GenCon, which is about a month away.

Now i gotta light a fire under my phat ass and finish this + the Iconic Sorcerer from Pathfinder. I CAN DO THIS!!! *Weeps in a corner* ​​​​​​​