Hi everyone, i’m Alice, Alias Luna Stellar cosplay

 I'm French and I recently made ​​a photo set,

my first photo set cosplay deviant


± And i have join the french community on facebook :D i’m happy

i'm really happy, my set is online <3 on my profile

Please if you like my set, don't hesitate to vote and comment it ;) <3




i'm so excited ^^ i hope you liked my first set by https://www.facebook.com/Renaud.M.Photography

My set was called by the website # ★lunar_Princess

a little wink of my second pseudonyme i think « Luna stellar Cosplay » 

You can follow me on facebook > www.facebook.com/alice.strawberry.model i upload all the day a new picture of me ;)

Seen you soon, kisses Alice <3