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hi everyone !

I'm back on cosplay deviant !!!!

I show you my cosplays, help me, to choose the next set ;)

Vote for all cosplays do you want to see in Cosplay-deviant, in comment please <3

Sakura kinomoto under the sea /     black rock shooter /                         Rin tohsaka Choco maid from Fate stay night  /            Ishtar maid from Fate grand order

Holly would from cool world /           Saeko nogami from city hunter  /     chii from chobits                              / sakura kinomoto sweet /              Saeko nogami Chic

Holly would from cool worldSaeko nogami from city hunter

Ayame from tenchu /                          Su from baby metal  /                      Angelise from cross ange           / Sloth from Full metal achemist /  Super sonico Bear

Elisabeth bathory Version Vampire from FGO /        Sailor mar from sailor moon        / Elisabeth bathory satine from FGO /       Emma swan from Once upon a time


Sakura Card captor clear card                                                                                          Rin Tohsaka from fate stay night

Super sonico COVER                                              /      sakura kinomoto Maid                                          /    Elisabeth bathory Lolita                   /     Sakura matou choco maid

Mother death                                                  /             Kaleido rubymoon Rin                / Lust From full metal alchemist / Suigintou from rozen maiden

Illyasviel von Einzbern From fate kaleid liner prisma illya