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Gen Con 2019 Member Badges
Latest Post by quidem
2019-07-19 18:36:05
yes please
GenCon 2019
Latest Post by gregthegolem
2019-07-19 06:16:01
My guess is you would be fine at the party and game show. In the dealer hall or during earlier hours might be frowned upon by the convention.  I planned to incorporate bondage rope into a cosp...
Initial D cosplay
Latest Post by AzureChevalier
2019-07-18 07:58:03
Has anyone (or deviant) ever tried to do an Initial D cosplay? (Beautiful women goes great with beautiful cars, like mako's Sileighty, and Kyoko's RX-7 FD) Today's Toyota GT86 is easy t...
D&D Campaign
Latest Post by jansenbright
2019-07-16 05:49:01
Ooops, sorry I missed you guys. I fell asleep. Guess I'll see you all next week. 
Stmartphone games you're not ashamed to admit you play
Latest Post by Thoth
2019-07-14 16:08:52
News came in that dr Mario has pulled 100,000 in 3 days... that's actually really bad. I'm super addicted to Teppen, that card game announced at AX.

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I was so happy to be able to see some of my fav ladies again - it had been way too long!! Posted a ton more photos over on my Twitter if you'd like to check them out. But for now, I rest! 

Been trying to shoot more cosplays for the site - managed to get two of them shot this month to submit. Here are some selfies from them!

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Whirlwind Release date: 2019-07-20