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GenCon 2018
Latest Post by Hawkeye
2018-05-25 09:16:12
Sadly, I will not be able to make it to Gen Con this year :(
eternal membership
Latest Post by Hawkeye
2018-05-25 08:25:32
Troy, sorry to revive an old thread. I looked in my profile, and I didn't see the "Eternal" rank in the list to select. Also, I haven't gotten and emails in a while. 
Latest Post by Andromeda
2018-05-24 17:25:27
Welcome and looking forward to your first set!! Fame, fame, fatal fame It can play hideous tricks on the brain But still I'd rather be famous Than righteous or holy Any day, any day, any da...
Cosplay selfies!!!
Latest Post by lethandor
2018-05-23 21:19:29
I’m a dork sometimes lol thank you... wait, I see what you did there! Lol 
Suggestions for HarleeSyn
Latest Post by Elerad
2018-05-21 15:01:31
Heck yeah. You'd make an awesome Sapphire. I'll bet you'd get her personality across beautifully. 

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  This puzzle may or may not have been so frustrating that it took 3 months too complete :P this was a Christmas present and we assembled it while watching Game of Thrones - finally posting months after its been put away    Harley

  Even though I missed my gym work out and I'm dead tired I'm looking forward to this last big thing before starting up a new work schedule. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I'm hoping it wont be too tiring and that I can make things work. As far as cosplays I don't think anything much is planned lately but I guess we shall see what happens... Things are going to be busy but I think one has to roll with the times in order to get to where they need to go and there needs to be changes and new challenges. Though I guess technically It hasn't been terribly long that I've had this freedom... so I'll bare that in mind as I move forward. I just know I'm ready to tackle some things... make some progress... go to the ends of the earth... and I'll do it but first up to northern california for fanime and fun dork times!!!   Onward! Britney Siren

I can not wait for you all to see my debut. I won't lie I was super excited to get the news that I would be debuting with Roadhog. (I promise it'll be here before you know it!) This costume has been a massive headache at times, however I love it, I won my first trophy at Anime Crossroads in the hall contest for Best Props. Roadhog was a terrifying costume to wear as there is no bra, corsets, spanx or shapewear possible. It's a very this is my body costume. I hope you guys end up enjoying it, I took years to love my body (no matter the size) and I'm really excited to share some of that self love, au naturale artistic cosplay fun.  Also I shot this costume on a trip to Texas, and left all my armor in INDIANA! I was 3/4 through my drive when I realized it, luckily my kitty sitter and bff overnighted it to me for a hefty fee. On top of that the morning of the shoot I was getting ready and noticed my tummy tattoo had not been printed the right way so SinfulSide...

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