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Suggestions for Cecillia_Stardust
Latest Post by Coweater1
2018-12-07 17:45:28
Maybe some Dark Souls characters?  
Synful Sundays
Latest Post by Miss Selene
2018-12-06 09:37:15
Suggestions for Sylence
Latest Post by Coweater1
2018-12-03 23:02:24
This isn't a suggestion for a character but I did read that you were a biker so maybe put the motorcycle in a set if you do any biker characters in any of your future sets that'...
Star Wars Holiday Special Watch Party?
Latest Post by Deathwish317
2018-12-02 13:28:31
I'll be there for sure!
Story Time with Mira
Latest Post by Mira Shiver
2018-12-02 01:30:44
Yay!!!! Thank you! and yeah, it’s been really nice to have something “simple” to do each week that gets me back in the habit of streaming! 

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Hi Everyone! I've never written a blog for this website before! If the formatting is wonky, it's because I'm on my phone. Please let me know so I can fix it on my computer in the morning. Anyway, I just realized I haven't formally introduced myself and my first set was up quite some time ago! First off, my name is Sybil. I love to do competitive cosplay and have one event I attend every year. This year, I plan on adding a second event, but it depends on if I have time to do two major cosplays on top of all the fun old-school stuff I have planned for you for this year! I have an avid love for animes and video games from my childhood. If I have time, I will be competing as Meru from Legend of Dragoon at a con at the end of summer. Her dragoon armor is something I've wanted to own since that game came out. My skills are finally at a point that I might consider making her! Halloween Town Sora from Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II is another dream cosplay of m...
Hey, everyone!  If you haven't heard yet, Cosplay Deviants is currently holding a Kickstarter for a potential book and dvd combo, set in the beautiful city of Tokyo!  The Tokyo Tour team currently consists of myself, Foxy, Usatame, Andromeda Neko, and Underscore! We'll be flying to Tokyo to put together an amazing erotic cosplay book and dvd with sexy striptease videos, teasing photos of your favorite characters, and goofy behind the scenes as we travel the streets and spend too much money on obscure fandom merch!  I currently have plans to bring Esdeath (she's in the preview box right now! :D), Tsuyu, and Ichigo (Darling in the Franxx) on the tour, and I'm nowhere near completing that list yet!  Make sure to back! Don't wait til the last minute, cause you might forget and miss your chance to grab our first ever book and DVD set, PLUS all the extra goodies like exclusive selfie sets, signed instax, handpicked souvenir gifts from your ...
I really want to shoot Shiro from Voltron and I’m like having the hardest time trying to find a place to shoot. Don’t tell me this is something I would have to build a set for 😩

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