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D&D Campaign
Latest Post by Gemini
2019-04-24 23:34:58
The party is reunited with Mouse who leaps from a shadowy doorway to try and scare them! Boooo! The party decides to enter the burned out temple and follows a corridor with rooms leading off on both s...
Game of Thrones
Latest Post by saber0
2019-04-24 21:59:14
A far superior episode with a lot of character building. Three stand-out sequences: The fireside chat, Dany and Sansa's sit-down and Arya showing the remnants of her humanity. The fireside sequen...
Latest Post by NatsumeHonnaji
2019-04-24 21:45:06
Ooh yeah I'd have to agree with you there. There's some really good action RPGs I really like as well. Above all else though what makes me fall in love with a game is a good story accompanied ...
Avengers: End Game
Latest Post by Miss Selene
2019-04-24 12:22:50
I kinda hope he was an office cat who ate the occasional Hydra double agent and Fury just fudged the paperwork.  He better make a cameo at the very least
Suggestions for Stagger
Latest Post by Stagger
2019-04-21 19:37:17
Thanks that's a good suggestion, Yusuke is rad!  His outfit from the last episode kinda reminds me of Akira, that could be a cool look.

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Having a birthday right on the tail of arriving home after con really compounds the feeling of "aaaaaaaah!! I need to do something!!" with "aaaaaaah!! I need to revitalize myself!!"  Now that, as of 10 minutes ago, I'm officially more of an old man, I get to drop some bday resolutions for the next year- and since I'm still riding that anime con hype, the new plan is to focus less on learning new cosplay techniques so fast and relax more; pick up the skills as I go along. And, and and, get back to doing the shenanigans I love most and make waaaaay more time for photo shoots and performance entertainment! At this point I have an assload of great cosplays I've made over the past few years and no sexiness in them-- that's not the life I wanna live; time to get aggressively naked, it's the anniversary of my expulsion from Womb Academy after all!!  Hope you're as ready as I am😆

Hey all! It's been a while, but I finally squared away some photog time, and we are getting a new potential set edited as we speak! Anyone else remember Total Drama Island?

  Hi everyone! My Lulu set has not been accepted by Cosplay Deviants... I am very sad because the photos are beautiful! Would you like to see them? I will not publish them on my social media but there are two ways to get them: Patreon or buying the set. More info on my Patreon post: On Patreon  you will have the photos set with more rewards: photos of my photoshoots, Asuka Langley Selfie Set, signed Prints, zings, private Instagram access with NSFW content... and more!  

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