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The Orville
Latest Post by Bones
2018-09-20 21:39:31
Agreed, i was a bit skeptical at first because Seth is known for his comedy and i was afraid it was going to be too over the top. he ended doing a heck of a job balancing the two
Forum Game: Alphabet list
Latest Post by Bones
2018-09-20 21:32:08
Name: Gail Place or Location: Gaitherburg Animal: Guppy Thing: Goop
Latest Post by Radical Edward
2018-09-20 21:27:09
if you want any tips i have been doing fire eating for about 2 yrs which is a little different but similar to fire breathing. 
Does your significant other mind?
Latest Post by Sapphireofthesea
2018-09-20 20:03:15
The one major thing I have enjoyed about cos devs is the people in the chat and forums have been very respectful and for the most part treat everyone as human. It has felt more like a standard communi...
Suggestions for Arcade Hime
Latest Post by Sapphireofthesea
2018-09-11 05:59:06
Pluto from Sailormoon would be a good one. Sombra from Overwatch would also be a cute set. Also think you could pull off a ultra cute Miqo'te from Final Fantasy 14.

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Hi everyone! I thought It would be a great idea to share my social networks with you! Follow me if you'd like to know more about me, my modeling, my cosplays and see more content! 😊 I also have Patreon in case you wanna check it out! A lot of kisses!!! Rapture Kitten <3  
New Set!

Hi everyone! I'm new here and my first set  has just been accepted. I'm so happy!  I decided to Cosplay Baby 5 because is one of my fav One Piece characters. I hope that you like it as much as I do! Kisses! Rapture Kitten
This is my first post. Forgive me if it seems strange. I do not know what to write here but I just wanted to say "Hi!!!". I can't wait to shoot my first set. I've been dreaming about expressing myself this way for years. The art of undress cosplay~ When/if it finally goes up, I hope you like it. I will try my best!  -VDay <3

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