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Gen Con 2019 Member Badges
Latest Post by fenixfyre42
2019-07-23 08:44:06
I'll be in attendance, and would love a badge.
GenCon 2019
Latest Post by silicon
2019-07-23 02:29:24
I should be at the annual meet-up at the food court again. Will see about another run at the escape room if space permits.
Thursday Night Gaming Stream
Latest Post by Stagger
2019-07-20 02:09:58
There were screenshots intended to go along with this thread, but unfortunately my internet speed isn't able to handle uploading them so for now we'll just have to have a text synopsis! Dur...

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I was so happy to be able to see some of my fav ladies again - it had been way too long!! Posted a ton more photos over on my Twitter if you'd like to check them out. But for now, I rest! 

Been trying to shoot more cosplays for the site - managed to get two of them shot this month to submit. Here are some selfies from them!

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Tsundere Waitress Release date: 2019-07-24