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Hopefully the pic will actually show up properly but if not you can check it out on my instagram, Melodie gore’s instagram or cosplay deviants as well if I ig haven'tcheckes it out already. Hopefully the repost means it  as liked. Planning a formal shoot for skeletor soon and other fun characters. If there’s WiFi maybe we can do a stream as well to connect with you all. Much love to you all.   #Repost @melodie_gore ・・・ @jazzy_devil house and snuck a computer shot of @risingsiren and I as skeletor and she -ra for @cosplaydeviants. Shot by @jaw_images A post shared by Britney Siren (@risingsiren) on Apr 19, 2018 at 8:56pm PDT  

I cannot thank you all enough for the love that the multi set got recently!  All of the ladies involved are super awesome!  SSD shot for almost 12 hours in the hot Texas sun and we trudged through it all.  It made some awesome friendship and better stories :P  Here's a bts shot from the fun.  (I was so sunburned T_T)
Sorry for the radio silence, but my partner and I are moving in a few weeks! I've been super busy with getting the house ready and cleaned up, as well as attending conventions I had planned! Once we get settled in, I have three costumes lined up for shoots and submissions, so more content is inbound, I swear! Thanks for all the kind words on my first set, Robin. It really made me feel welcome in the Deviant community and look forward to doing more shoots for you guys! Love you all 🖤🖤🖤

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