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Finally Yes!
So, you probably had seen my debut set for CD, or, maybe you have not seen so you can go and take a look at it now. Anyways I have to tell that I am super happy it comes out. It's been a long time since I found this marvelous place, find an idea for my first set, make it, uploaded it, etc... And I am really happy it goes well!  I want to tell thank you all of you for sweet comments. It inspires me a lot!  Anyways, I hope you all having good time here CDpeople <3 

I spent last weekend in Los Angeles at the wonderful Transgender Erotica Awards show.  I wore a stupid nerdy tank top to the pre party, and for the show I wore a Her Universe Kylo Ren dress. A lot of my friends won awards, but what was incredibly surprising was starting off the night winning an award with several other folks!  We got the "Best DVD" award for our work in "Real Fucking Girls 2", and it was such an amazing moment.   Anyways, since I hate the formatting of typing here, have some picture spam. :) 
I've been back to shooting in between traveling to cons so I'll have new content here soon, hopefully! I know I haven't updated you guys like that I no longer go under Lolita Zombie on my content but I'll keep the name on pages I can't change it. Just needed something easier and fresh so everything is mainly under @FarrahStein_.  I love you my deviants family. Keep being amazing and I'll be in chat soon to catch up! 

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