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Star Wars Holiday Special Watch Party?
Latest Post by crimsonlight
2018-12-15 02:38:19
oh damn, I missed this?
Story Time with Mira
Latest Post by crimsonlight
2018-12-15 02:37:39
My work schedule has had me arrive too late to ever catch the actual story reading, some weeks I catch the interactions at the end... I think the next time I actually have a day off to catch one of th...
Anime Suggestions for a newbie
Latest Post by mllkimmmaxwe
2018-12-14 15:44:41
alta qualidade réplica relógios para homens | / watches price | melhores relógios da réplica Relógios Franck Muller US Dollar Euro GB Pound Canadian Dollar ...
Suggestions for Cecillia_Stardust
Latest Post by Cecillia_Stardust
2018-12-12 00:14:26
Mine too! RE2 will forever be my fave from the series!
Synful Sundays
Latest Post by Miss Selene
2018-12-06 09:37:15

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For some titties FA LA LA LA LA
Hey all, long time no see!! A couple things.. I'm going to Japan with Cosplay Deviants! Here's how to join in on the fun... Check out our kickstarter campaign below. :3 Only 4 DAYS LEFT TO PLEDGE!!!! If you want to see me and other lovely ladies shoot even more content in Japan and see more awesome places make sure to check it out! Sharing this link around also helps ~ <3 Also! I've been wanting to mention that I do have my own discord channel that I frequent, If any of you wanted to check it out pop in and say hi. :3 --> Lastly... I have a Mei from overwatch set in queue. Hope you all enjoy it. It will be coming out christmas eve! <3 Till next time ... xoxo -Foxy  
Hi Everyone! I've never written a blog for this website before! If the formatting is wonky, it's because I'm on my phone. Please let me know so I can fix it on my computer in the morning. Anyway, I just realized I haven't formally introduced myself and my first set was up quite some time ago! First off, my name is Sybil. I love to do competitive cosplay and have one event I attend every year. This year, I plan on adding a second event, but it depends on if I have time to do two major cosplays on top of all the fun old-school stuff I have planned for you for this year! I have an avid love for animes and video games from my childhood. If I have time, I will be competing as Meru from Legend of Dragoon at a con at the end of summer. Her dragoon armor is something I've wanted to own since that game came out. My skills are finally at a point that I might consider making her! Halloween Town Sora from Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II is another dream cosplay of m...

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