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GenCon 2019
Latest Post by Gemini
2019-06-25 23:19:11
I wanna do an escape room! :D  Please!
D&D Campaign
Latest Post by jansenbright
2019-06-24 19:46:59
I'm good with the Monday. 
Lost Set
Latest Post by Alfonzo
2019-06-23 18:38:45
I think i should've named it ''Lost video'' rather than ''lost set''.
Anime Expo 2019 Member Badges
Latest Post by Shibby
2019-06-23 16:19:35
I'll be there :-)
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019
Latest Post by shadeinfinity
2019-06-18 19:47:37
I'm honestly surprised this is happening, and I'll be interested to see what events you'll have, as well as the booth.

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This Friday, I will be doing 2 costume shoots. Aizawa from My Hero Academia and Ban from 7 Deadly Sins. While my first set of Aizy was rejected due to a couple of beginner type mistakes, I plan on having even better pictures this time around for everyone to enjoy.  Sleepy #1 Dad teacher is one of my favorite cosplays these days and also one of the hottest. The sleeping bag alone is for freezing temperatures. The rest of the outfit is thick as well. As for Fox Boy (Greed Sin), the red contacts are the bane of my existence. As one that wears glasses regularly, contacts take more time to practice inserting than I would like.  Future cosplays to look forward to are Aizawa in Ms Jokes costume and Elaine's dress. Also look forward to the 9th Doctor in the woods at some point in the future.

Hello again everybody! I've been so busy with my day jobs that I've neglected cosplay for a couple of months. I've been building props and sewing costumes but somehow never had the time to get anything finished. Until this week, that is! I worked flat out to finish my Mallow cosplay. Here are some selfies :D I'm hoping to submit the set soon. I'm also currently working on my Beatrix from FFIX cosplay! I found an absolutely perfect location for her.

We're getting so close to Anime Expo! A little over 2 weeks to go. I've got half of my lineup ready to go. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! Who here am I seeing there?  

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