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I had an absolute blast at Sakuracon this year! I got to see so many of my old friends, and met so many new ones, including a few deviants, such as Xiphos! :D It was cold, but, it was worth it to debut 2 brand new cosplays! Xiphos kept my hands warm during my shoots thankfully <3 I cannot wait to do a Wedding Super Sonico shoot for you all here! I absolutely loved the cosplay and the small details, and hope you all like it as well!  
I had this thought recently, my first waifu was Nami from Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.  I replayed the game so many times just so I could do her story again.  I sometimes say she was my first crush even! Haha I can't wait to graduate in May! I'm really excited to work more on my more waifu-y cosplays and models! :D

Hello hello!!! I'm freaking excited about heading to Dallas Fan Expo!! I'm bringing 4 cosplays total and debuting 2 new ones, well half debut anyway....LOL. I did shoot Mystique this morning with Sinfulsideofssd EEEKKK!!! I can hardly wait to see how that set comes out. We also shot some video, so fingers crossed we get to share that. If you'd like to follow me on my con adventure this weekend feel free to follow me on intsagram to catch some shenanigans. I'll be hanging with some fellow deviants at the booth on Saturday, so stop by and say hi!!!

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