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D&D Campaign
Latest Post by ZuesinEyebright
2019-04-20 12:10:45
have eye appt after work, so should be good after about 6pm cst
Avengers: End Game
Latest Post by Scarecrobot
2019-04-20 10:53:02
Makes me wonder what Goose has been doing this whole time... Like...has he just been chilling at SHIELD?! Did Maria adopt him???
Game of Thrones
Latest Post by Scarecrobot
2019-04-20 10:48:23
The scenes with Sam we're definitely the BEST. Samwell is such a great character and I always love seeing him develop, but episode one was heavy... John was definitely the MVP. His scenes were the...
Comic Book Shows
Latest Post by saber0
2019-04-18 21:33:16
I was just wondering what comic shows everyone is enjoying right now. At the moment, the two I'm genuinely enjoying for their willingness to be crazy are Doom Patrol and Legends of Tomorrow. Doo...
One punch man
Latest Post by Quatre
2019-04-11 06:15:38
So season 2 finally came out this week who watched it so excited for this season 

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Hey all! It's been a while, but I finally squared away some photog time, and we are getting a new potential set edited as we speak! Anyone else remember Total Drama Island?

  Hi everyone! My Lulu set has not been accepted by Cosplay Deviants... I am very sad because the photos are beautiful! Would you like to see them? I will not publish them on my social media but there are two ways to get them: Patreon or buying the set. More info on my Patreon post: On Patreon  you will have the photos set with more rewards: photos of my photoshoots, Asuka Langley Selfie Set, signed Prints, zings, private Instagram access with NSFW content... and more!  

Heya!   Late notice, I know, but if you're not doing anything tonight, I'll be hopping into Cosplay Deviants chat at 8pm EST to hang out and style my Misty wig. AMA and watch an inanimate object (hopefully not) get the better of me. :p

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Going Green Release date: 2019-04-22