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GenCon 2018
Latest Post by Troy
2018-08-15 11:38:39
Hey everyone, if you haven't already we have an exit survey available here for our events and booth:
Gen Con 2018 Member Badges
Latest Post by kcorion
2018-08-14 16:23:50
I liked it much more than last years.It fit with the con badges much better.
Cosplay deviants 2019 Wall Calendar
Latest Post by Troy
2018-08-10 09:43:52
Rewards will begin shipping out this week. We have roughly 100+ envelopes to pack, label and send out so it shouldn't take long at all. 
Latest Post by Andromeda
2018-08-09 17:57:44
Welcome everyone! I always love seeing so many new faces after we go to conventions :) Enjoy your time here - we're all very friendly so don't be afraid to say hello! :)    
Members Chat 2.0 BETA thread
Latest Post by Troy
2018-08-09 09:14:41
Yes. You can drag and drop them into the chat window.   

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Spent my Saturday naked on top of a parking garage in Downtown Austin shooting my LeeLoo set! So excited to have new sets being submitted.  Stay tuned!

I can't wait for another year of Gen Con madness :) This will be my second year attending with Cosplay Deviants, although I was working at Gen Con for two years prior to that but I admit working with CD is a bit more exciting ;) Below you'll find a couple photos of 2 cosplay I will be bringing with! See you soon!  
Hey Grimlies! I know I've been very busy with life off deviants with con traveling and personal shooting but sit tight because I have new cosplays that I'll be shooting for deviants this fall! Thank you for leaving me love and beautiful messages to come back too. I love you babes! I'll be back soon with more updates and sets just for you guys! Keep being beautiful and don't forget to smile. 💕

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Complete your collection of Cosplay Deviants trading cards with the full series 1-3 sets now available for pre-order.

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