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Forum Game: Linked Words
Latest Post by walkerglassmire
2019-11-11 22:45:25
Tangent argument
Underrated Animes
Latest Post by StilesMcCall85
2019-11-10 04:02:24
Ronin Warriors is one of my all time favorite. Also love, Freezing, And you Thought there was never a girl online, Gamers, and Sky Wizards.
New To the Page
Latest Post by Troy
2019-11-08 10:41:55
Hi! If you're curious about becoming a model you can find our FAQ here:
The Kingdom of CosDevia
Latest Post by Gemini
2019-11-05 10:59:10
Last night, Dame Chastity our fearless knight set out on an adventure to kill the goblins that were swarming CosDevia!  First things first, Chastity had to find out where the source of the goblin...
Next set of cards and figs?
Latest Post by StilesMcCall85
2019-10-31 20:10:03
These are the poses I would choose for the Acrylic Figs

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I recently shot Widowmaker for the site and made this little behind the scenes video of my shoot! Hope you enjoy ~     
Set ups
Alright, so my set didn't get accepted, its fine. I learned from it and I plan to make my next one even better! In the mean time, I've got my PlayStation basically set up, so if you'd like to play a game or two, send me a friend request ^_^ @LeonaPorter I've also started up a Patreon, and am just waiting to see if it going to be approved - which there isn't any reason it shouldn't be. Soon as it clears, I can begin to post teaser photos for you lovelies, so you don't miss out on anything :D I've made it easy and gave it the same as my PS4 name. ;) @LeonaPorter   Cheers, Leona

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Staked Release date: 2019-11-13