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2020-01-13 23:33:51
Material goods
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Latest Post by OGbobman94
2020-01-10 23:47:47
Hey Gemini I searched our steam name, but it didn't come up. 
D&D Campaign
Latest Post by Gemini
2020-01-08 22:19:57
Yes it is!  We just haven't done a session this past week due to me being on tour with CD.  I update what times in my personal discord and the public Cosplay Deviants discord in my chann...
Garry's Mod Clone Trooper Roleplay
Latest Post by OGbobman94
2020-01-07 23:51:08
Hey if anyone who likes to Roleplay as a Clone Trooper. I am part of a Garry's Mod (Gmod) server, that we Roleplay as Clone Troopers, we have the different Units (like the 501st, 212th, 41st,104th...
story idea I got from a picture in the Discord
Latest Post by Raizoman
2020-01-04 17:16:07
Hey as a lover of monster girl content it worked!

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Little Peak!

Hello There! I have so much cosplays I want to shoot ! Perfect Blue, Rat Queens, and a lot of Larp costumes to make! I just can't wait for 2020 to reveal all it's potential! I'm also moving back to Paris, meaning I'll have more opportunities for shootings (and hanging out with Shae, yay!). Soooo, I hope you're ready, because I'm not! Have a nice day everyone! Oh and here's a peak of Jolyne I shot two days ago with Julien Rico! ;) Please check him on social medias, his work is such dope!!  

Did this weekend happen? It feels like it went by too quickly! As per usual, I don't think i took enough pictures! X.x  I'm so bad about that! I get so excited to see and talk to everyone that everything else just slips my mind! Being part of the team was awesome. I adore every one of those girls and everyone was so sweet and amazing! 💕  The party was phenomenal and I had a great time shaking my butt with everyone! 🤣 I hope that next year is just as amazing as this year has been. Tomorrow is our trek home, and real life begins again! Until next time! If anyone is interested and wants to chat with me, SMoD, and Starlis, we do have a Discord that is public: Join the Starlewds Discord Server!

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Round 2 Release date: 2020-01-20