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GenCon 2020
Latest Post by kingofhentaidesu
2020-05-23 16:05:17
We all have an extra year to prep, we gotta get two gencons worth of fun out of 2021. Everyone prep your hot bodies, next years gonna be a doozy.
Forum Game: Linked Words
Latest Post by grimgrin
2020-05-14 17:14:56
Phase ten
Final Fantasy
Latest Post by Gemini
2020-05-11 19:52:50
I currently play FF14, the online MMO and I love it :)  It has an overall storyline but you can make it your own too.  Otherwise, I recommend playing FFX.  I spent way too many hours on...
The Umbrella Academy
Latest Post by Gnomi
2020-05-09 11:47:11
I'm a huge fan, Klaus is the best!
Cosplay selfies!!!
Latest Post by romlel
2020-04-29 06:16:35
This Uraraka wiht piercing and tatoo is more rebel haha Nice one : )

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Hello & welcome to my first blog post! Thank you so much for all the support on my first cosplay deviant photoset! I wanted to give you guys a little update and get to know you a bit better.  I go by MahouMelon, but you can call me Melon. I've been cosplaying since 2012 but only started lewd modeling recently. I've had tons of fun mixing regular cosplay with my fun and sexy side. Making lingerie and photoset has been a challenge, I've learnt a lot along the way. I'm working on a few new deviants sets but because of the virus it has been very difficult to shoot! I'm hoping to shoot something in the next few weeks. Lots of exciting sets planned this summer If you want to see more of my work you can check me out through the links below. Patreon - OnlyFans - (Sale until May 31th) Gumroad - (Sale until May 31th) Twitter -

Ok Ok Ok - GOOD NEWS!!! A have a new set coming to CD in the future as my Shoto Todoroki was just accepted. I plan on doing many versions of him in the future and some multis as well as a LOT of Deviants have BNHA cosplays, including many that live near me, so once it is safe there will be looooots of new stuff coming from BNHA! Shoto is my absolute favorite and I'm really happy that after six months of saying I was gonna get around to cosplaying him I finally did (better than many characters that have been waiting for years - oops). In case y'all do not have Twitter and/or did not see my BTS cell phone pics from this shoot I'm putting 'em here! I also shot Shinji Ikari (plugsuit ver.) that needs to be edited but with my computer issues I'm a bit behind on the progress for that one. Gonna be doing some Demon Slayer stuff this Summer too - I have a bunch of characters on my list but Demon Slayer is just so important to me on an emotional level right now that I kinda ...
Hello ! I looking for french photographer names and location please ??? i'm from Nancy and i can go to Carcassonne, Montpellier and PARIS

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