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2019-02-15 15:06:11
I hope you had an enjoyable Valentine's yourself! I took an amazing and well needed nap. 
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2019-02-15 15:05:09
Bed bug
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2019-02-15 15:03:41
Name Kathryn Place Kansas Animal Koala Thing Kale
eternal membership
Latest Post by Anime520
2019-02-15 09:59:19
I too would like to try my hand at getting the eternal membership so thanks for trying to bring it back!
New Cosplayer!
Latest Post by Sapphireofthesea
2019-02-14 15:36:31
That is such an awesome list ^^. Welcome to the club ^^

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  Hi everyone! I'm a new cosplayer at Cosplay Deviants! I'm Isiliel, a cosplayer and model from Spain, nice to meet you! I have many ideas for my cosplay sets and I'm very excited to be a Cosplay Deviant Model Hopeful! I'm working on my first set yet, I hope you like it! 💕       My social medias: Instagram: Model and Cosplayer Twitter: @RakelIsiliel Amazon Wishlist: Cosplays, lingerie and more!

So I'm trying out the chat here... I was on a bit earlier but I'll be back later after some food, a bit more coffee, maybe a half nap... but I don't wanna over do it and make myself too sore so yeah but see ya later on if you're around and stuff... I'll be popping in and out here and there this evening if you're around :D :D :D     hopefully that will not post sideways :P XoXo Britney Siren

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop a costest shot of my K/DA Ahri cosplay! I'm hoping to shoot her as a potential set for the site soon! Fingers crossed!

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