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Latest Post by Koyomatsu
2019-03-26 14:24:45
I know, I know. Inb4 this thread gets swarmed with Knuckles memes. But, I have started to learn Unity and how to create worlds and avatars, and wondered if anyone else was interested in this? I do not...
D&D Campaign
Latest Post by RyokoYuuki
2019-03-26 12:47:28
Here's a time conversion chart for those confused:  Gemini stated 9pm CST  7pm PST  8pm MT 10pm EST
Avengers: End Game
Latest Post by Miss Selene
2019-03-26 12:35:39
IKR! I would've sworn that they were going to ax the og crew and have the third wave crew (Black Panther  Spidey, And the Guardians  take the lead to save the world but NOOOOOPE. They ma...
Game of Thrones
Latest Post by Scarecrobot
2019-03-25 16:19:34
I AM NOT READY EITHER!!! Every episode is gonna be INTENSE!!!
GenCon 2019
Latest Post by lethandor
2019-03-25 09:16:27
Can't wait to see everyone... starting to get excited.  Event Reg day is within sight now =D

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Hi! I personally want to thank Cosplay Deviants for giving me this opportunity to be amongst other fabulous cosplayers. Also, I want to apologize for the wait in my set, but also bring great news, and say: This Sunday, March 31st, will be my very first set. So, hopefully it gets approved, and I hope it turns out well. Thank you for being so patient, and I can't wait to start posting.    P.s: I've never really "blogged" before.   

Thanks to everyone who joined me in chat today as I did a quick lunch time workout session. I'd love to do more of these on a regular basis. I'm planning to do partner workouts with Deviant Heathen too, so that will be extra fun!!! Does anyone have any suggestions on what types of workouts you'd like to participate in? 
Hey Everyone! It's definitely been a while. I've had some major life stuff happen the last couple of months---it's been one thing after another. I am hoping to be coming off of my brief hiatus soon. I picked up all of the materials for Sophitia (Soul Calibur IV design). I started shaping the metal pieces I need on the neckline--and then I realized that the final season of Star vs the Forces of Evil is coming out on the 10th of March (tomorrow) and I NEEDED to make Star Butterfly's octopus dress before I did anything else. So that's laying in pieces all over my kitchen table. I probably won't be done with it 100% before tomorrow---but it'd be nice if I were! I digress---I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me in the chatroom for a live stream of my crafting? If yes, please comment! I am trying to gauge interest. I feel like if I have an audience, perhaps I would be more motivated to work! I would also use the time to do any sort of Q...

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