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Latest Post by Radical Edward
2018-09-16 23:54:46
i regret not bringing bug spray with me on a 3 day camping adventure.  bugs be looking at me like im the damn watermelon treat. 10 bites and still counting o.o 
Suggestions for Arcade Hime
Latest Post by Sapphireofthesea
2018-09-11 05:59:06
Pluto from Sailormoon would be a good one. Sombra from Overwatch would also be a cute set. Also think you could pull off a ultra cute Miqo'te from Final Fantasy 14.
Best sailor moon girl
Latest Post by Mira Shiver
2018-09-08 14:15:25
Neptune! All the lesbian feels!!!
Forum Game: Alphabet list
Latest Post by Mira Shiver
2018-09-08 14:14:04
Name: Edgar Place or Location: England Animal: Elephant Thing: Edamame
Forum Game: Linked Words
Latest Post by Mira Shiver
2018-09-08 14:12:13
Engine room

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Hi everyone! I thought It would be a great idea to share my social networks with you! Follow me if you'd like to know more about me, my modeling, my cosplays and see more content! 😊 I also have Patreon in case you wanna check it out! A lot of kisses!!! Rapture Kitten <3  
New Set!

Hi everyone! I'm new here and my first set  has just been accepted. I'm so happy!  I decided to Cosplay Baby 5 because is one of my fav One Piece characters. I hope that you like it as much as I do! Kisses! Rapture Kitten
This is my first post. Forgive me if it seems strange. I do not know what to write here but I just wanted to say "Hi!!!". I can't wait to shoot my first set. I've been dreaming about expressing myself this way for years. The art of undress cosplay~ When/if it finally goes up, I hope you like it. I will try my best!  -VDay <3

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