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Stage Name: Vivka

Location: SkyRim

Occupation: Professional Weirdling

About me: Ill break your heart and then beat your high score.

Sign: ... there was a sign of a struggle...

Sexual Orientation: Carnivore

Sexual Fantasy: n/a

Favorite Cosplay: Every time I have a favorite, I shoot a new set ...

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.... everyone gets a lifetime.... 

So excited to share my Death (from the Sandman) set with you all! Its in the preview box and I cannot wait for it to go live. 
Please leave a comment on the set and let me know what you think! <3 I tried to play up the happier, smiling side of Death...

Also, if you havent read it yet ... I got interview by VICE about Cosplay is not Consent... give 'er a read~!


Follow my antics~

AX was positively amazing. But I always have the best time workin the CD booth ... I met so many new and friendly people! (and I hope the lot of you are now on this site!)

As per sets, I currently have my Death (the SandMan) in queue, and about to submit my Misty (Pokemon) and Fionna (Adventure Time). Beyond that, hoping to shoot my BellDandy (Ah! My Goddess!) tomorrow! Still have a giant PILE of cosplays to shoot beyond that ... here here, and raise a glass to a giant queue of sets! <3

For now, please check out my FB/IG ... its where I do most of my posting!

and dont forget to check out my print shop ~


Good Joke!

omg omg OMG.... finally my Joker set is in the preview box. 
Probably one of my favorite sets to date. 

I cannot WAIT for you to see it. <3<3<3

Goodness, Ive been around, havent I?

My Vampirella set went up ... then my StarshipTrooper video ... and now my Cassie Hack is in the preveiw box?

(But dont worry ... this doesnt mean Im running out! I have still more sets in queue, in editing, and costumes ready to be shot ... !)

What did you think of my Vampirella set, and my first video? I would love it forever if you went on over, checked it out, left some stars and a comment... I love hearing feedback on my work here! And whats more ... I love hearing reccomendations! Vampirella was actually done because a lovely fellow model requested it, and I couldnt resist. She's such an iconic sexy character... and any excuse to wear fangs. <3

Ill try to make blog updates a bit more ... but as always, my main place to update is on my facebook:

Cant wait to show you all I have in store. <3




New set!

Oh my, oh goodness. <3

Looks like my Vampirella set just went up~! "Vivacious Vampire" by the volatile Vivid Vivka!

I had SO much fun shooting this classic sexy character. She's just so iconic and oozes sensuality. Unf. 

( My amazing Vamps costume was made by my friends over at Cape&Cowl Creations! Take a gander at their facebook ~ )

I went to MaryLand and did this shoot with Sweet Trade Photography .. we found this amazing ancient graveyard, and waited until dusk. There was a moment were things got a little uncomfortable... what with the graveyard being on the side of a freeway, and a gentleman mowing his lawn next door, in plain view. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

FangerBanger, baby. <3

I hope you all like the set!!

(and fear not ... TONS more sets shot, submitted, being edited.... a Vivka tsunami of cosplay goodness is headed your way!)

Feel free to watch my FB for my general updates:

and my twitter/instagram for even more! @vividvivka