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Fri Feb 17, 2017 23:06 pm
Bonjour, I'm Shae_, also known as Underscore here. I live in Paris, France, and I'm a Deviant since 2010, if I remember well. I'm a cosplayer since 2009, and made something like 50 different characters now, plus few original costumes. I craft them myself, but what I enjoy the most is the 'play' part of cosplay. I try my best at giving a realistic rendition of the characters I cosplay. Besides cosplay, I'm a lot into artistic things, I paint, draw, write and photograph a lot, and I'm also a very geeky person, spending my little free time on video games or role-playing games with friends, loving books, new technologies, and stuff.
August 17th
Sometimes I play Civilization on easy mode and conquer all the things.
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Dear everyone,

I hope you're having a nice December so far! Mine was full of work but in a good way... A lot of great, exciting news and I'm sure 2017 will be a nice year, full of new sets and projects, and maybe more travels? Who knows!

It's been such a long time since my last Cosplay Deviants set, it almost makes me sad! But worry not! I'm working on many new ones!

-> My next set should be a cute little owl you probably heard of lately~

-> I also shot a Kaoruko set earlier this week! It's currently being edited but we should be able to submit it to the website for review before the end of the year! ♥

Here are two previews for said sets :) How exciting!

I'll soon post my travel expectations, cosplay plans and more on my social medias pages!

I wish you lovely holidays ♥ Hugs from Paris!!


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