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Sat Jun 24, 2017 05:38 am
Bonjour! I'm Shae_, also known as Underscore here. I live in Paris, France, and I'm a Deviant since 2010, if I remember well! I'm a cosplayer since 2009, and made something like 50 different characters now, plus few original costumes. I craft them myself, but what I enjoy the most is the 'play' part of cosplay. I try my best at giving a realistic rendition of the characters I cosplay. Besides cosplay, I'm a lot into artistic things, I paint, draw, write and photograph a lot, and I'm also a very geeky person, spending my little free time on video games or role-playing games with friends, loving books, new technologies, and stuff!
August 17th
Sometimes I play Civilization on easy mode and conquer all the things.
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Hi there!

I'm very happy to see my next set, Secret Illustrator, in the previous box today ♥



I really hope that you will like this set! Don't hesitate to leave me comments or PMs to tell me what you think and what you'd like to see from me in the future ^o^ An other set -my first duo ever!!- is also in editing! It's a duo with Shodan as Izetta... I was her princess Finé, from the anime "Izetta the last witch". I'm currently working on it and I'm very excited to submit it to CD! We did this photoshoot when I visited California from Anime Los Angeles, with CosplayDeviants. The convention was amazing and I had a lot of fun! I was overly happy to debut my Ryuko cosplay at this event and I already have many cool pictures *w* I'll be posting them on social medias as usual!



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I could never date someone who wants to restrain me from doing what I like... My ex-boyfriend who's now one of my best friends introduced me to CosplayDeviants when we were together. He didn't insist for me to apply but he was very happy to see me doing so! I think it's important to stay supportive and open with each other's passions, hobbies and projects in a couple. Of course it's normal to care about safety and making sure that your partner or even friend is doing nude modeling, burlesque and stuff in a healthy way (And by that I mean, making sure that the person is safe on photoshoots and shows, doesn't care too much about bad reviews, doesn't drastically change her life habits for things that could be bad health-speaking like eating disorders, etc...) but I saw many, many sexy models both male and female being asked to stop by their partner and being very sad about that. (Most of them agreed to stop, by the way...Which is very sad in my opinion...) As for being involved, I think it's best to communicate. I mean, communication is the key to many things in relationships. Some people like their partner to be highly involved (like, photographer-model, helping with social medias, etc!) and some will prefer to keep their modeling activities out of their couple. For me modeling is fun but still a professionnal activities and I'd feel uncomfortable having a close friend/partner being here for no reason, just watching and... Yeah. For me it'd be awkward haha, but I know other people who'd love to! So it's best to ask, simply :)