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Stage Name: ToxicTechno

Location: neverland

Occupation: retail

About me: im a big geek lol. i play warhammer 40k and will eventually learn how to play hords and war machine. also working on learning the warhammer rule play games :). i love anime and manga. my favorite anime is trinity blood,d grayman,soul eater. favorite manga is bleach,vampire knight and shawman king. i love going to cons i try to go to at least 3 a year :). i always cosplay when i go. i love star wars i have a ton of figures :) i love transformers as well :). i love horror movies :). im obssesed with harley quinn :) i even have the diamonds tattooed on my thigh :) you can find me also tumblr twitter suicide girls zivity vampire freaks model page facebook wishlist

Sign: leo

Sexual Orientation: bi

Sexual Fantasy: to sleep with harley quinn,cat women and ivy

Favorite Cosplay: misa,wonder girl,yuki cross,princess leia

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Go check out my new set titan :). You wont wanna miss it :)


Guess what

Guess whos in preview omg im so excited i cant wait eeeepppp. I had fun doing that set. I.hope everyone likes it :). Yay!!!.


so excited

so excited ill be selling photos and signing them at mid ohio comicon. these are not cos dev photos they are my own photos. if you wish to come see me i will be at booth 235. hope cos dev doesnt get mad at me but i'm excited to be on my own a little. its nice. anyway thanks for reading. 


gen con

omg gen con was sooo much. i met admin and porphy and sally and madison and envy. they are so amazing. i hope i get to meet them again. i had a blast. i got a demos of malifaux and puppet wars. they are great games but not sure if they are my type of games. i got to see raging heros minis which made me happy :). i also go to sign two of my playing cards eeppp lol.i felt loved. cant wait to go again next year :) 



origins was amazing i had so much fun. there was a lot of new games this year. i didnt demo any because most didnt have a demo this year which sucks. but i did find demon my little ponys they are so cute. ill add a blog about them soon i wanna wait till i buy one so i can do a review on them. i did a dark eldar cosplay for this convention.there was a card game called ghost it was who can build a better deck is the first half and the second half is who can get rid of their deck first. the other game is called phantom its cool you and another memmber who plays the ghosts sets up rooms and then you have to hide the ghost under the rooms and they have to blow up each room trying to find the ghost. the game goes till they find all the ghost or the other person does a lot of money in damage trying to find the ghost. well thats all i will write for now. thanks for reading :)