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Sun Jul 23, 2017 01:54 am
Deviant since 2011, event team since 2012! Big butt bird brain, genuine weirdo, goth in real life, cat-lover. Cyberpunk fetishist, lover of 80's & 90's cheeseball scifi. Poledancer, illustrator, kitty-petter. I do a lot of stuff but mostly I just really wanna pet cats. I like a lot of nerdy shit but mostly I could just talk your ear off about music and movies. Horror, sci-fi, anything remotely cyberpunk, and old-school rivethead industrial are my collective jam. I'm hilariously terrible at video games and I'm terrified of LARPers. Just your average weirdo, y'know?
October 21st
Freak City
Guilty? I dunno that I'd say that. I have no shame for my love of Hackers or Super Smash Bros or Transmetropolitan. ....Ok, I guess I'm a little ashamed of being into American McGee's Alice and Emily the Strange and all that early-2000's baby-bat stuff...
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yeah ok I'm going to GenCon! Wooooooo! Granted, I was only able to get a Saturday badge, but still. I'm coming!!!! I arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning, so I'll be at the game show & the party and otherwise will be kickin' around with Squeaks & Mew :3 I'm very very excited to see everyone!!! of yet I don't have any new projects I'm cramming to try to finish in time for the con, which is a REALLY WEIRD FEELING. I keep feeling like I should be panicking about something? Does anyone else get this? XDD