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Thu Jun 22, 2017 23:08 pm
I've been a cosplayer since 2005 but my first convention was Fanime 2004. I've been modeling since 2009 but stopped and became serious about it again in 2015. Ive been trying to dip my toes into a bunch of new genres and become better at posing and expression. I just moved back to the West Coast and I have two dogs who are my babies. I love cooking and eating food; Pho and In-In-Out are my favorite out-to-eat places. I've picked up video games these last two years and I adore TellTale games my favorite being The Wolf Among Us and I recently played all 3 Mass Effect games... I cried like a baby and I ADORE Joker/EDI. I love older anime like Gundam Wing Mobile Suit, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Tenchi Muyo, just to name a few. More current anime I've fallen victim to is Tokyo Ghoul, Seven Deadly Sins, and Attack on Titan. I read Manga occasionally but mostly to fill in the blanks on anime I like, also yaoi and yuri. I am terribly addicted to smutty fanfiction and it really is a problem.... ... really though I'm a hobo who loves sweatpants....
April 22nd
Smutty fanfiction and becoming too involved with fictional characters and their love-lives... tragic/ angsty romances.
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Post Con

Day after a long and very fun con. I got to talk to a lot of great people (new, old, and a fellow Deviant). I got to wear some very relaxed cosplay. Got to play photographer with my phone and get some really cute pics of my friends as Kageyama and Hinata. Probably one of the most fun times I've had at FanimeCon.

My next con isnt until October but I still have plenty to do. At the end of June I have shoots scheduled with Kanani Designs Radical Edward Cosplayer and Natalie Chen for Cosplay Deviants. We'll be shooting a lot of content over a course of a weekend. I have tons of stuff to do to prepare for it too. 

My prepartions include prop building, wig styling, and unpacking boxes in search of other props needed, and  reorganizing my crafts room. I'll be trying to do more live video content on FB and my Instagram @ryokoyuuki. 

Once I have everything packed and prepped for the shoot in June I also have a few more projects to work...