Sat Feb 18, 2017 17:37 pm
Just your everyday otaku kitten playing dress up (and dressing down) =^_^=
February 22nd
reading hentai in places i shouldn't be.
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HAI HAI! Gen Con is just over a month away and I've been trying to push out some cosplay progress! As I said in my last post a few months ago, I'm making Eleanor Lamb's Big Sister from Bioshock 2 and as of right now I'm about 65% done with it! I just recently installed LEDs into the diver helmet and finished the ADAM syringe bracer.

i'll be starting the harpoon bracer and air tanks next, and then get to distressing/weather the diver suit. it's coming together pretty smoothly so far and i'm pumped!

i will also be bringing D.Va from Overwatch with me! My bodysuit just came in and I finished making the headset last week. I'm debating on whether to attempt making the gun myself or buying a 3D printed one, so we'll see


that's all for now! <3