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Fri Oct 21, 2016 23:18 pm
First, thank you for visiting my page! Even though I'm still new to cosplay, I have fallen head over heels with cosplay modeling! I enjoy the challenge that comes with having flawless character accuracy, posing, expressions, and location! I grew up on a N64 so games like Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Yoshi's Island, Mario Party, Mario Kart, and such! Although my current favorite game is the Fallout series! I adore the vintage touch they included. I'm a lover of the classics so I'm excited to share things that are nostalgic for me, with you. P.S. I have an IRL side kick named LeeLee! She's my dog that fights crime on a daily basis with me
December 20th
Austin, Texas
Learning how to do different character voices!
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Thank you to everyone that has shown love on my debut set "Love Bite"!!!!!! It means so much to me to be welcomed into this wonderful community <3 I'm excited for future sets that may get published! 

Okay so now why I'm really posting! Who is excited for ARK: Survival Evolved (Dec 2016 for PS4) and/or Scalebound (2017 for Xbox One)?! I can't freaking wait for them both to be released! I'm looking forward to riding dinosaurs, breeding them, crafting, and farming in ARK! Did anyone played ARK: Survival of the Fittest on their PC before it was put on hold? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

AHHHHHH! Now Scalebound is even more exciting! Teaming up with the dragon, Thuban, to protect the Earth and other realms?! Plus being able to customize Thuban?! Hell Yes! The monsters in the Scalebound trailers look so amazing! I can only imagine what the other creatures in the game will look li...