Thu Mar 23, 2017 17:19 pm
Hi!I see you have found my profile *wags tail*.Hope your stay here is enjoyable :3 I'm a silly, loving, sparatic, sometimes serious fox girl ( hence my name) also I'm most comfortable running around naked in my humble little fox den. I love anime ( esp Gurren Lagann/ Inuyasha), Japanese food, culture, fashion, art, animals, urban exploration,books, Kpop, videos games, and sea food. I have two sides to me... either extremely shy or extremely out going. ^^; I love most things especially good sushi and bubble tea is like air to me. *u* I own two kitties, and have no piercings or ink on my body since I am frequently asked. That about sums it up, if you have any other questions just ask!
March 1st
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Hey again everyone! Just popping in to say thank you for the support on me and Mira's new duo KiritoxAsuna duo set. :)

I really love cosplaying Asuna.. so I was happy to feature her traditional outfit in another set on the site. I also have some duo content coming up as blue haired undine Asuna, so stay tuned for that! I'm hoping to eventually shoot a solo of that outfit as well.. One day. <3

Also my birthday is very soon! It's March 21st to be exact~
Some of you have been asking if I have a wishlist for my birthday .... I do!

and I also have a P.O box : 

Foxy Cosplay P.O Box 501416 Atlanta, GA 31150

Looking forward to showing you guys what I have in store for you in the future! 

I recently shot a Hermione Granger solo for the site so that's the newest project. :)

Till next time~