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Stage Name: Domi

Location: Hyrule

Occupation: Lizard

About me:

I'm from TN.
I'm have two black belts (Wado-Ryu & Shotokan). I currently do Shotokan and Krav Maga. I'm obsessed with Bleach.
link gif photo: link s3hpx4.gif
I love my cats; Link, Zelda, Sheik, and Midna.
I live in a dark cave with internet.
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Sign: Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Sexual Fantasy: Teleiophilia

Favorite Cosplay: Korra

My Sets

Anarchy's Angel

Added 01/20/16


Added 12/12/15

Post Crisis

Added 11/04/15


Added 10/07/15

Heat of Battle

Added 07/18/15

Goddess of Flash

Added 05/27/15

Golden Child

Added 02/28/15

Rebel Spirit

Added 12/27/14

Grunt work

Added 11/22/14

The Butterfly

Added 10/01/14

Soul Cleansing

Added 08/20/14

The Bloodbender

Added 08/02/14

The Very Best

Added 07/12/14

Unwillingly Evil

Added 05/28/14

Salamanders Bath

Added 04/23/14

Winters End

Added 03/19/14

Captains Retreat

Added 02/19/14

The Detested

Added 06/19/13

Shunpo Master

Added 06/07/13

Pro Bender

Added 04/22/13

Blue Wave

Added 02/16/13

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My Blog

I swear it's been ages since I've even made a blog post here. I shall be coming out of my hiatus next year. I won't hop on doing any new sets yet, but I will get some new cosplay things. I have a pretty badass cosplay planned for next year. The plans are to have it show up by D*C. Also speaking of cons, my convention plans for next year are already pretty well set. I shall be at MTAC, Momocon, D*C, and AWA. I doubt anything will change there.


Additional news, I have an Xbox One (wooooo!) I'll eventually get around to seeing if I can set up stuff to stream on Twitch. I have my Christmas cruise soon so that won't be too soon lol Well that's all my nonsense for now.

For those not following me on Facebook or tumblr, here are the awesome previews I posted :p

Well, I was supposed to shoot sets this week, but then this happened. Looks like I'll be waitin until it warms up ha ha

For those of you that don't know, I was out of the country for a week on a cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. Here are a few pics from my trip :p

I should be sending this bad boy in soon :p