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Stage Name: Domi

Location: Hyrule

Occupation: Student & Sex Slave

About me:

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I'm that geek from TN.
I'm into martial arts, have two black belts (Wado-Ryu & Shotokan), & I cosplay and junk. I watch anime and read manga. I'm obsessed with Bleach. The Legend of Zelda is love <3 I have a Zelda piece on my back. .
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I love kitties :3 I live in a dark cave with internet. I like sushi. I love Pocky, YanYan, Hello Panda, rice crackers, and other tasty things you can find in oriental markets. I act pretty childish when I'm not serious. I have four tattoos and three piercings other than my ears. I feel like I'm also a nympho, but that's ok ;)
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Sign: Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Sexual Fantasy: I have a rape role-playing fantasy. Teleiophilia.

Favorite Cosplay: Korra, Katara, Yoruichi.

My Sets

The Butterfly

Added 10/01/14

Soul Cleansing

Added 08/20/14

The Bloodbender

Added 08/02/14

The Very Best

Added 07/12/14

Unwillingly Evil

Added 05/28/14

Salamanders Bath

Added 04/23/14

Winters End

Added 03/19/14

Captains Retreat

Added 02/19/14

The Detested

Added 06/19/13

Shunpo Master

Added 06/07/13

Pro Bender

Added 04/22/13

Blue Wave

Added 02/16/13

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I did a set as that ugly funny eyebrow girl Izumo XD. Means I only have one last set to shoot this year :p That will prob be in the most my sets are done. lol Meanwhile, here's a preview.


My Stinger

I hate so much this wasn't the one I used in my set.

I heard you like ponies so here's my Applejack Donation Set.

$25 minimum donation for 83 sexy pony pictures :p

Send e-mails to [email protected] purchase! All payments are via Paypal :)



AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) was a fun con. Here's two pics from it :)



Soon I shall be going on a set hiatus. Don't worry though. I have another Yoruichi set coming out October 1st leaving EIGHT more sets of mine in the queue for you guys. Here's a preview.

I still have 4 more to submit. Let's hope those get accepted as well :) And let's also hope my photog actually gives me them -glares- I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS SIR!!!!! Anyway, in October I'll have 2 or 3 final cosplays to do for this year. I'm not quite sure when I'll come out of my hiatus, but I know I will at some point. I'm also saving up for an Assassin's Creed cosplay. (oooooo fancyyyyy) I can't say whether I'll do it as a set. I really don't know. If I do, I'm sure fans of the game will, hopefully, love it. It's gunna cost me a bit so I more than likely won't go to as many cons so I can afford that beauty. That's it for now guys :)