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Stage Name: Domi

Location: Hyrule

Occupation: Student & Sex Slave

About me:

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I'm that geek from TN.
I'm into martial arts, have two black belts (Wado-Ryu & Shotokan), & I cosplay and junk. I watch anime and read manga. I'm obsessed with Bleach. The Legend of Zelda is love <3 I have a Zelda piece on my back. .
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I love kitties :3 I live in a dark cave with internet. I like sushi. I love Pocky, YanYan, Hello Panda, rice crackers, and other tasty things you can find in oriental markets. I act pretty childish when I'm not serious. I have four tattoos and three piercings other than my ears. I feel like I'm also a nympho, but that's ok ;)
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Sign: Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Sexual Fantasy: I have a rape role-playing fantasy. Teleiophilia.

Favorite Cosplay: Korra, Katara, Yoruichi.

My Sets

The Very Best

Added 07/12/14

Unwillingly Evil

Added 05/28/14

Salamanders Bath

Added 04/23/14

Winters End

Added 03/19/14

Captains Retreat

Added 02/19/14

The Detested

Added 06/19/13

Shunpo Master

Added 06/07/13

Pro Bender

Added 04/22/13

Blue Wave

Added 02/16/13

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My Makoto alt version. Expect to see it as a set :p

I wasn't going to draw my cutie mark for this. My mom also ate all the apples lol

Went to ABC in Memphis.


Got all my fancy gear. Just need my top and shorts. FB: