Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:26 am
Hello guys! I'm an Italian girl, I'm 23 and I study at university. I'm a sporty girl, I like going to the gym and doing pole dance. I like going to the cinema and watching tv series. I'm a cosplayer since 2014, I like to create most of my costumes and accessories. During free time from study I work as a model. I'm a very feminine girl, I love cosmetics and I'm also studying to become a make up artist ... but don't be fooled by my smile, I've a strong character!
January 16th
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Hi guys!! How are you?

Thanks for all the compliments and thanks for your affection <3 I'm very happy you enjoyed my first shoot,  you are the best!!

I know... I don't write often, but I write when I have something interesting to say ;)  **I'm working on a new photoshoot for you!!!**

I want to leave a clue with this photo -Ph Davide Ederle-

Yes, I'm afraid that it will be a really poisonous shoot! 

[my FB page: @Arynacosplay and my Instagram page: aryna_cosplay_model]