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The 2015 Wall Calendar now available
Mon Aug 4, 2014 01:04 pm

The 2015 wall calendar "Deviants & Damask" is now available for pre-order! Get yours for only $15 and have it signed by some of your favorite Deviants. Get Yours Here The wall calendar returns with Deviants and Damask. Featuring 12 of your favorite models in pin-up poses on custom-themed damask backgrounds, this is one of our classiest calendars to date, and one you won't want to miss! **PRE ORDER BONUS** All orders placed before 8/13/2014 will have their calendars signed by models appearing in the calendar including; Annasthesia, Envy, Sally Sparrow and Vivka. Pre-ordered will begin shipping on 8/20/2014. Get Yours Here

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I am so ecstatic! I absolutely can not wait to meet and talk to all of you :) I'm getting my images from the first set I have shot thus far later on today, and will be sorting through to decide what makes the cut! Can't wait to see what you guys think :D Give me some pointers :3 ~Tripsyread more...



Just got full accepted to Cosplay Deviant. Thank you so much to my fiance and to the deviants that helped me get the confidence and support for this (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). I can't wait till my set goes live. Hope everyone enjoys. It's a game series that I have not seen so far.  Thank you again everyone. Love you so much.  ~Dayfire-Soraread more...


Sexy Jutsu!,

So for awhile now i've been wanting to do a female naruto, actually from the time of October last year but never really got a chance to do it, but now that i've made the jacket i'm very very pleaed to say oh so hopefully soon you'll be seeing Female Naruto from me on the site <3 Here's a little of what to expect ;Dread more...

So I'm planning my trip up to Northern California in December and I seriously plan on shooting EVERYTHING. EVER. Okay, maybe not, but a lot....On my plate I have- BloodRanye, Purple Heart, and Miko Mido (which I have to reshoot), but I also have a massive list of costumes I'd like to put together to shoot as well.Melisandre - Game of ThronesNurse Joy - PokemonValentine- SkullgirlsElle Driver - Kill BillGogo Yubari - Kill BillBlossom - Powerpuff GirlsHim - Powerpuff GirlsShaundi - Saints Row(can you tell I like nurses??)Anyways, if you'd like to see me in any of these cosplays, and then slowly undress out of them, check out my wishlist and help me put them together! I'll also be making some more...


FF love!

"YES!!!!!!!!!!" to two Final Fantasy sets on the front page! ^O^ woo!! my set got accepted guys! shooting my next set next week! yay :Dread more...

I'm so excited that my first set is finally out and debuted.  Thank you for all the comments and critiques!  Helps me make my next sets better! ;)  Black Rock Shooter has been one of my favorite badass characters since I saw the original OVA!  A few questions I've had were are the stitches real, tattooed, or draw on?  My makeup artist totally drew them on with eyeliner lol.  It worked well I think and kept it true to the character.  Another was is the sword I used a prop or real?  It's totally a real double edged blade.  I borrowed it from a friend of mine with the promise that I won't cut myself with it.  Good thing I didn't! :)  My more...

Im so happy my rikku set has been posted! Not sure about my future from here on with Cosplay Deviants, only time will tell. :'( Please be sure to stop by my FB fanpage to give me some lovin' and also take a peek at my Instagram <3 @amyfantasea  Cheers!read more...

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