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2015 Convention tour announced!
Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:59 am

CosplayDeviants is happy to announce that we have solidified our first stops on the 2015 convention tour. We are excited to say we will be appearing at the following fan-conventions:
MegaCon in Orlando, FL
Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA
Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN
Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA

We hope to see many of you at the Cosplay Deviants booth and look forward to debuting new merchandise on our 2015 tour.

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Sending in forms for my care bear set i just did!!! wish me luck!read more... I created my first Highlight of recent League games on Twitch! Setting the bar low so it will only go uphill from here more...

Over the past month I have shot 3 new sets for the site. :) Vulpix ( Pokemon), Holo ( Spice and Wolf), and the other will be a secret, so hope fully they get accepted! <3 Previews can be found on my fb page of the first two:  As well as my Tumblr : I've been doing well and planning to gear up and also hopefully shoot a few more sets ( Esdeath, Sinon, and Holo variation, School Girl Kagura, Satsuki in Senketsu) before the end of the year.  Also last but not least a few people have been asking so I added somethings to my wishlist for the holidays that are coming up. Anything helps if you do feel like more...

Thank-you everyone who has left such kind and encouraging comments on my first set! I am blown away by the welcome I've recieved!  For those of you who've asked for more, I'm submitting my second set sometime in the next two weeks and have an additional two sets that I'm shooting in January! Thanks again for air all the love! Be sure to hit me up on Twitter and Facebook! @MiraShiver -Mira read more...

It's finnaly done and is being shot next month. Here's a preview. My hair will be straight when it's shot :p read more...



Hi, this is my fist blogpost! :) I'm a potential, but I have submitted my first set. I'm super nervous, because I want to become a part of this site so badly! I'm shooting a holiday set tommorrow, since it's good to have another set up my sleeve if the one I sent in gets rejected. I did a post on the forum were I wrote a bit about myself, but I'm going to do a blogpost too. :) I live in the south of Sweden with my husband and my two parrots. I'm a fulltime model/pornactress/camgirl. I only do fetish porn nowadays, but I have done some mainstream stuff too. Right now I'm working on shooting hardcore and softcore videos and pics for my upcoming website. :) I love my job, but it has it's more...

   I need to learn early on how I can properly time my submissions so no one will get sick of me because my photographer has shoots planned every month....I also need a lot of wigs, though, so that's kind of a good way to stagger my submissions since I'll need to order and style wigs. Fabric isn't a problem at all thanks to the unfortunate problem of my second favorite fabric shop going out of business (everything is 60% off so I am way beyond the amount of fabric I need right now) And then my photographer got really excited because I jokingly suggested one of my friends who isn't a Deviant yet and I could do a double shoot as Pam and Cheryl. Keelah, I have a lot of plans for two more...

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