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Salamanders Bath

Added 04/23/14

Healing Blossom

Added 04/21/14

Yuki Onna

Added 04/19/14

Cold Embrace

Added 04/16/14

A Little Bi Curious

Release Date: 2014-04-26

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A Night of Deviance: MegaCon Pictures are up!
Sat Apr 19, 2014 04:51 pm

We had an amazing time hosting a Night of Deviance at the Backstage Nightclub in Orlando FL. Check out the event gallery Here.

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Shooting sets/ bounty hunter Yoko video this weekend. Everything else will be a suprise! for updates  read more...

Yes, that's right! My fem! Link set got accepted. I even have a Navi in my set complete with the Hylian shield, Master Sword, and ocarina :) i think this is my favorite set so far! On another note I'm also going to be doing a Batbara Gordon set sometime soon with maybe a real operating batmobile. It'll be super amazing! I mean, can't you just imagine Batgirl washing the batmobile in nothing but undies? ;D  I'm also (hopefully) planning to shoot with Usatame once I get my Savior Lightning outfit from Final Fantasy to do a duo with her Serah~ it's going to be so much fun! Oh. Here's another set surprise. I'm also planning an Assassins Creed Rebecca set WITH the apple of Eden. more...


Legs Crossed

Hey guys! Thanks so much for continued support and lovely facebook messages, you fans are all too sweet and truly the heart of any enertainer pr public figure. <3 Exciting News! Are you guys ready for Cos Dev's first Panty & Stocking duo set?!!! Bear and I had just submitted our bunny stripper outfit Anarchy Sisters set for review so all legs crossed that we get accepted and you guys see some sweet naughty anarchy from us! Please let Cos Dev know via Facebook messages or direct mentions that you would like to see this set appear on the site if you fancy ;) In the meantime, I have acquired Batman: Arkham City and it is amaaaazing and I am brimming with cosplay ideas! more...

After quite a while of no shoots, I've just shot my Aphrodite IX set, just have to go through the photos and submit! I did have a behind the scenes photo, but am having issues uploading to my blog. You can go find it on the cosplay deviants VIP board. It was lots of fun, and my first bathroom set! I'm also shooting a mini set tomorrow for the Deviance magazine, hope it gets accepted! Must share my love for pointy ears ;) As if that wasn't enough,  I will have two more sets submitted before the end of May! And one more shoot for next year's calendar which is possibly my favorite character of all time. So excited!read more...

I did a tally of how little of a life I have. I was looking at my hours spent playing Borderlands 2. Over 23 and a half full days, or 564+ hours. Every class played, with 318 hours and 43 minutes as Siren class. I'm actually surprised the number isn't bigger.. ..Can I play the Pre-sequel yet? o___o Seriously, I'm dying to play it. I've always been trying to figure out in my head, how did Pandora go through such drastic changes between 1 and 2 so I'm so glad they decided to make a whole game to go through it, and this isn't going to be the third (technically speaking) game in the series! I was to play as the CL4P-TP. I hear they actually have the vission calibrated lower and foggier for more...

The set is finally real!!! Also check out my page if you haven't already read more...

So this came in today. Guess what's gunna be a set hee hee. FB: read more...

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