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1 Feb

By: Lilfox
I'll be doing my shoot for Naoto tomorrow! So hopefully you guys will see it soon! I'm Very excited. Way off topic but does anyone care for MMA / UFC... hahah anyways!
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1 Feb

By: Frell
Decided to dust off my camera and have some fun <3 I need to reshoot but i figured this would be a nice lil something for this thread :evilish:
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1 Feb

By: Frell
Yep. Looks like it Chaz. Its on the ground floor. I can show you and anyone else in my room Thursday night or whenever everyone gets in or the con. Its pretty easy to find and the area from what I remember doesn't stay crowded at nights. Any idea how late pre reg is open Thursday night? I won't get there till late. :TT_TT: Costumes are almost done! View Thread...
1 Feb

By: Twitch
I had the same issue a while back, changing it specifically in the forums to match, like admin said, did fix the issue
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31 Jan

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Maka Albarn, Liz and Patty Thompson, Blair, or Medusa from Soul Eater: I've shot Medusa. It's not submitted yet though. I'm working on my Liz Thompson costume now :)
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Woo Feb 1st! So many fun things this month! My bday on the 9th... so ive got lots of people to see ;) and cake... im getting vegan cake!!! (if anyone feels so inclined WishList Ill be posting pix of me wearing or using the gift) The 13th is the Dark Valentines Day party/Circus :) Ill be gogoing  Planning a reshoot of one of my cosplays bc the originals got locked onto a crashed hard-drive... and thinking about doing a video as well *first one* I also got this cool graffitti wall that I cant wait to shoot with :)  Im hoping also to finish another one of my tattoos, but that might have to wait until after I get back from tour at the end of next month You can more...

Hey hey guys! Little news from the frenchling! I shot an Asami set yesterday and it was very nice, I can't wait to submit it to CD and let's cross fingers that it'll be approved! I'm super glad I'm way more active this year and I hope to have many many more sets here soon ♥ Also, I posted a miniset that you can see for free on my NSFW Tumblr! It's all free!! It's cosplay! It's devious! Yeaaaaah \o/ Hugs from France! Shae_ read more...

I'm sobexcited that my second set is up! I love love love Sin City and I've been wanting to cosplay this character since it came out! (Only took me 10 years... If we don't count the really bad Halloween costume from 2006.. but oh well!)  I just finished shooting two more sets with the SinfulsideofSSD last weekend and we're getting those ready to submit asap!  Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the moat updates possible (my life runs from my phone) @mirashiver and One last note, I just purchased my pases for Akon Dallas for June! If anyone is going to be there, message me and we can schedule a meet up! read more...



I broke the internet the other day with bringing my favorite youtubers JonTron and Ego Rapture together and all I have to say to that is you're welcome. It made me just as happy. n.n  Also, thank you Grimlies for all the lovely complents on my new set! Love you's! ~LZ xoxoread more...

WOOO!!! I just had my second set go live Night Surgeon And im so excited to share it with yall! Heres a taste of my next submission here. This was the test run of my Azuma Yunoki Cosplay   And Im working on getting my costume together to get to shoot with Renee Storm! Thats going to be a whole ball of fun! :) :) :) *glitter hugs* Want to keep up with everything im doing? Check out my website Im also accepting submissions for my fan art section. if youre an artist, id love to hear from you :)read more...

Working on a cosplay for Katsucon (and hopfully a set for the site!) Can you guess who? :P  read more...

  It's been so cold but this is a nice in door set that won't cause any frostbite troubles. It's going to be pretty awesome as I was left a lot of old books by a beloved relative. I also plan another Tali shoot very soon as well as some very new and exciting things besides! It will be very much a Bioware few months for me so far as submissions as I plan Sera and Merrill as well as Tali. Maybe also Inquisitor Lavellan?read more...

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