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Cosplay Deviants @ MegaCon
Thu Apr 2, 2015 01:23 pm

MegaCon is coming April 10th-12th and Cosplay Deviants will be there! Come and pick up some exclusive merchandise and meet some of of your favorite Deviants at the Cosplay Deviants booth #525. We look forward to seeing you there. Read More

Happy April Fools
Wed Apr 1, 2015 12:12 am

We hope all of you enjoyed our April fools prank this year, we sure did! However here at Cosplay Deviants we feel it wouldn't be right if we didn't give you the sets you've come to expect and love. So we're providing ALL members with a free download of the full set starring Freckle in the members forum. Once again, Happy April Fools! Read More

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Just sent my set today for review..... nervous as hell... *crosses fingers and prays*read more...

I'm finally shooting Cid or Cindy (I've been hearing people calling her both names! XD) tomarrow! I think it's going to be a lot of fun, I have a really cool classic car to pose with and we are going to have so much fun at my friends auto body shop!!!!! So many props and tools and fun stuff to play with I cannot wait!!!!  Man I'm really excited for ffxv!!!!! It kinda sucks that they haven't told us a release date yet or anything but.. I still am really looking forward to it. I played the demo with my brother when it was released and I just fell in love with it. I love the camping XD My brother did an amazing prompto cosplay for this past anime expo I'm hoping we can get a few more... -- Look who is in the preview window! I had a blast shooting this "Geek Queen" cosplay portraying Penny from Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog as shot by lovely Don Saavedra on the actual show set! Thanks LA and Saavedra clan for being super awesome to me <3 Here is a sexy shot of Squeak's Doc Horrible and my Penny in our duo set! read more...


New Set!!!

As you can see by my new profile pic, there will be a new set of mine debuting on the site very soon! I'ts definitily my silliest set yet and I had SO much fun with all the posing while shooting it back in the begining of February. <3 So excited to finally see it go live!! Also will it possibly lead to more content with a certain scissor wielding tempermental badass best friend? ;) Maybe! stay tuned... :D Oh and as always since I'm so bad at frequent jornals on here D: for more content updates more often check out my FB page here : more...

I will FINALLY be attending DragonCon from Friday to Monday this year. I've only been able to go on Sundays so to be able to finally attend all 4 days has me so excited!! I'll be at the Cosplay Deviant party on Friday night and I will be signing prints at the Cosplay Deviant booth Saturday afternoon from 3 to 4 pm. Come by and say hello! That Monday I'll be shooting two more sets with Kramer Studios one of which will be a duo with BeBop. I also wanted to thank everyone for all the positive feed back on my Rinoa set and just wanted to say I just sent in another set yesterday afternoon so I can't wait to hear back. Here is my DragonCon lineup if anyone is interested and if you want to more...

So, if you haven't been hanging out in chat for awhile or hadn't hear, I'm going to be putting a link in my VIP thread on the forums with FULL access to my Super Girl set!  This set is a donation set (no costs woo!) to all the VIPs.  Not yet a VIP?  100 forum posts and bam you have access!  Neat huh?  I'll be reshooting Super Girl in September for an official CD set too!  Go peak :)  read more...

So due to a lot of shit that happned last weekend, i couldn't shoot my debut set in San Francisco. Mainly because of ONE photographer that constantly that kept making excuses, so i had to cancel my shoot with not only Michelle Yoder, but with a few others as well. Also, i just found out that she had injured her shoulder so i won't be traveling out of Sacramento for a little while until people learn to not waste my time and flake on me, because i take this very seriously...On the other hand, i did find a photographer in my area that's willing to shoot it so i'm officially shooitn it on the 28th of August with Time Trap Photography!  Really excited :)Also, if you're in the Sacramento,CA more...

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