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So i randomly had the genius idea of making a Mercy cosplay for GenCon, which is about a month away. Now i gotta light a fire under my phat ass and finish this + the Iconic Sorcerer from Pathfinder. I CAN DO THIS!!! *Weeps in a corner*​​​​​​​ 

My Velma set has an official date and I'm so excited about it! I thought it would be coming out later, but it's coming way sooner! This is very much my best set and I can't wait for you all to see it! I will also be submitting 3 Sylveon sets in the near future ~ One is a group with 8 other Deviants, another is a solo, and the last is a duo set with Anastasia August as Eevee (can you say "girl crush")! 
    Just finished up shooting a D.Va set for the site! Also submitted my Freddy and Tornado sets. Really excited to have more content for Cosplay Deviants! ... Including some video!    Im planning on shooting a few more upcoming sets and if all goes well - they'll be awesome!      If you're at AX this week be sure to stop by the CD booth and say hi! I'll be there alllll weekend ;) 

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One of the more interesting questions that I get asked when bringing new attendees to local conventions is: "Does everyone just go to their rooms and after this and fuck?" Of course, this question is asked in many different ways and not always so bluntly. Before I give my usual answer to this question I believe it important to offer some semblance of a disclaimer. The conventions I attend are all-age events or restricted to age sixteen and over. The question is also likely inspired due to the location of the conventions that I attend which do take place in hotels that connect to local convention centers or feature content in transformed hotel rooms. Disclaimer aside, my answer to their question is simply: "They do whatever they want and I wouldn't be here if there weren't measures in place for people if they find themselves in situations they don't want to be in." Combating sexual harassment and encouraging movements like "cosplay is not consent&quo...

For the month, a single game has completely occupied my time.  I have completely ignored the newest patch of The Division, Doom has held no interest for me at all, and I haven’t even logged into World of Warcraft to do my dailies.  This new game has taken up all of my free time, and even some time that I rightly couldn’t afford to give up to it.  I have been going to bed later, getting up sooner, and have completely ignored all of my shows just to play this game.  Damn you Blizzard, you have really done it this time! Overwatch is, at its core, a simple concept of a game.  It is a first person, objective based shooter, in the same vein as Team Fortress 2.  In fact, it is hard not to compare the two games at times, but Overwatch has its own soul, and it is beautiful.  Rising from the ashes of Blizzard’s ambitious Project Titan, Overwatch is a gorgeous game that is an absolute blast to play. Story Blizzard has handled the story of ...

Through the Fallout series of games, Bethesda has taken us many places. From Washington D.C., Pittsburg, Las Vegas, Alaska and now Boston, Bethesda has taken us to the post-doomsday versions of several of this country's biggest cities. With it's latest downloadable mission, Bethesda takes us to the state of Maine with Far Harbor, an irradiated island based on Mount Desert Island and the fishing town of Bar Harbor, just off the coast of the pine tree state. Like every aspect of the Fallout franchise, Far Harbor has been picked to death by every video game reviewer and anyone with a YouTube channel and graphics capture software. But almost all of them aren't from Maine. I am. Born, raised, and residing. So what better way to look and see if the Maine portrayed in the game stacks up against the real thing. After 15 hours in the DLC alone and after completing not only the main quest but several of the side quests as well, how does this adventure rate to a native? The firs...

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