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She Devil

Release Date: 2015-07-04

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Cosplay Deviants @ MegaCon
Thu Apr 2, 2015 01:23 pm

MegaCon is coming April 10th-12th and Cosplay Deviants will be there! Come and pick up some exclusive merchandise and meet some of of your favorite Deviants at the Cosplay Deviants booth #525. We look forward to seeing you there. Read More

Happy April Fools
Wed Apr 1, 2015 12:12 am

We hope all of you enjoyed our April fools prank this year, we sure did! However here at Cosplay Deviants we feel it wouldn't be right if we didn't give you the sets you've come to expect and love. So we're providing ALL members with a free download of the full set starring Freckle in the members forum. Once again, Happy April Fools! Read More

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Woo! Although yesterday was pretty horrible I got to acquire a new sewing machine. It has 69 stitches... Lol. It may look a bit intimidating but it's honestly super user friendly. :) This machine came with an extra arm extender, a bunch of specualty feet for sewing things like zippers and button holes, a foot pedal (which if you dont attatch it the machine can still sew with the push of a button instead), and a free pattern. I was going to just get mine fixed but the cost of servicing a machine is so high here that it was more cost effective to get a new one. Additionally, my old machine was ratger old and missing a lot of its accessories anyway.  :3 I love this machine and more...

Hey there! I'm back! There is a set in the queue from me, woohoo! I have two more sets I will be submitting this month, I can't wait to show you what I've shot. One of them is definitely one of my new favorites; I was really excited to see that the lighting came out even better than we expected, really complementing the athmosphere of the set. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some non-cosplay teaser pictures for you. read more...

I'm excited to go and have my AX cherry popped! Also very stoked and honored to be working at our Cosplay Deviants booth for one of the days. It's gonna be fun meeting some of my fellow models as well as the fans(: I'm packing extra pairs of panties in case of soakage from all the excitement! <3read more...



anyone going!? :D


con fun!

 a pic from the con attached soooo read more! lol i had sooo much fun!read more...



my class is over this week after an intensive and  accelerated 6 week summer program! I'm happy becaue I can get back to sewing =D  I'm also happy to have a set going up soon! I hope everyone likes it =D I can't even express how fun it was to shoot! read more...

Hello fellow Cosplay Deviants! I just got accepted and today is my first day fully exploring the site, I'm so excited to shoot my first set in a few days!! Still figuring this all out so bare wiht my while I update all my info :Dread more...

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