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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales
Mon Nov 24, 2014 06:36 pm

With the holidays comes the sales and here at we are not one to deny someone an opportunity to take home some of their favorite Deviants. Not only will we have print grab bags, 2015 wall calendars and lanyards on sale but we're kicking off the festivities early this year by launching our yearly pool of Eternal Memberships! Read More

2015 Convention tour announced!
Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:59 am

CosplayDeviants is happy to announce that we have solidified our first stops on the 2015 convention tour. We are excited to say we will be appearing at the following fan-conventions: MegaCon in Orlando, FL Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA We hope to see many of you at the Cosplay Deviants booth and look forward to debuting new merchandise on our 2015 tour. Read More

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26 Nov

Yea. It's definitely the community and the forums. I keep forgetting about the chat, as most of the time I'm watching TV or gaming during the busy chat hours. I also keep forgetting to come back and check in once in awhile. I mean I'm an eternal, I should start acting like one.
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25 Nov

-sigh- teammagma.gif Forgive me for not knowing and not being well educated on Pokemon Dustin & Tippy
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25 Nov

Had a blast at the party at GenCon, along with hanging with the deviants at the booth. I do think I will be spending a bit less time at the booth next year though.
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25 Nov

Oh I absolutely agree, Jacob had a lot of potential and they wrote him into a stereotype that just ruined it! I think that design for a FemJacob looks amazing, though, and I can't wait to see it! A wig might be easier to do just because then it doesn't require practically a hair appointment the day of a con or a shoot (I tried to have my hair silver with a flip at the base for a character once instead of just buying a wig and it was such a nightmare >.< I always vote wig over styling your
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25 Nov

Runs over Gnomes with a lawnmower for fun.
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well i no longer have free time lol it will be spent playing pokemon ruby and persona on my new persona 3ds ^-^!!!read more...


Bad Cat

Long time no blog! Sorry everyone, I've been really busy with work. I've been trying to make it to chat at night, and so far so good ^-^! I got a new tattoo!! "Bad Cat" by Ralph Steadman!!!! It was a 5 hour session, and it was well worth it! I'll be starting on Katsucon cosplays soon! I hope to finsih M. Bison and Pokemon X/Y Breeder! Vish is putting together a meet and greet, so keep your eyes open in the forums! Thinking about putting together a wishlist this year, so if anyone is intrested, please feel free to message me! The set Bear and I shot should be done soon ;) Don't forget to follow me on Facebook for more updates! read more...

HEY GUYS!!!! some of u already know that i have been without internet for like a month, and i just got it back like 5 minutes ago!!! So i'll be on more often again XD woohoo!!!! i have so many sets to send in alrready, i have to contain myself!!!!! i do have a holiday themed set for you guys to enjoy! i have some previews on my facebook! Hope to talk to you all soon :) ~Rykku-chanread more...

is busy!! xD With working two jobs and the Christmas season coming up fast I've been really busy! I'm posting my wishlist since a few of you ask me for it. Anything is very much appreciative and will be used for shoots, etc. LOVE YOU GUYS TONS!!!!! ~LZ xoxoread more...




I am super thrilled you all enjoyed my latest set "Copy Ninja"! Kakashi is one of my most favorite characters of all time and I had so much fun shooting and editing that set. Also learned more fun things in photoshop to do the special effects for it! (Turned out better than I thought it would, too haha). I also submitted Lady Loki just after Kakashi and that was also accepted so be on the lookout for that set to come out next! Speaking of new sets, I'm going to try my hardest to shoot a xmas set and have it submitted on time. Fingers crossed I'll actually be able to get that done. This is such a busy time of year for me that working on anything cosplay related is difficult. I SHALL DO MY more...

Tomorrow i shall be shooting my Christmas Mio set, Yay my first christmas set! speaking of Christmas gifts if you want to get me a little Christmas gift then here is my Christmas Wishlist that's only if you wish to get me things for Christmas, then here are 3 different list to choose from and if you get me anything for Christmas I will announce your name on my page (if you want it to be announced) and take pictures of your gift or even take photos with the gifts lol First just wish list: Second just cosplays: Third more...

Just found out everything but my CPU is compatible with Dragon Age: Inquisition. And I cannot upgrade it as it is in-built. The woes of owning a laptop. Stuck at 1.8GHz when I needed 2.0GHz minimum. FML. Oh Varric, I will miss your chestliness. :'(read more...

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