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Cold Embrace

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Magi Slave

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The First Child

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Comedy Relief

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Yuki Onna

Release Date: 2014-04-19

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MegaCon was a Mega success!
Thu Apr 3, 2014 09:41 am

We want to say thanks to all of our members, new and old who came by the booth and enjoyed a Night of Deviance. We had a fantastic time at MegaCon and cannot wait to return in 2015! Next up on our convention tour: Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

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Just found out I'm going to Exxxotica! I'm so excited! I've never been to something like it before, any advice? read more...

Thank you so much guys for all the wishlist, Facebook, and comment love! My first donation set sale was an absolute hit, thanks so much to everyone who participated. (If you have not gotten a chance to purchase my bunny Stocking bdsm set, feel free to email me [email protected] for details!) At the moment I am bodily separating 3 (well, 2.5 really) warring catdragons so this week is looking bleak for peace and quiet. If anyone super amazing wants to help out in my intergration of 2 new catdragons into Galileo's house court, the cat tree from my wishlist is just the thing. I have a naughty XXX Shadowcat video that could be yours, along with the donation set as a sweet spoil-back! more...

So this weekend is going to be a blast :) if you love in the GA area you should come out to the renaissance festival in Fairburn this opening weekend. Of course I'll be there. I can't wait to finally drink at the pub this time xD if you're coming and see me say hi ^^ read more...

Hi I am new here and just wanted to say hi to everyone :)read more...


Waves Hello

I just submitted my first set ever!! It's my favorite character from My Little Pony, who I also cosplayed at Kawaii Kon and at the lingerie fashion show with my fellow cosplay babes that night... PRINCESS CELESTIA! I really hope my set gets accepted... fingers crossed for me! Anyways, I'm Ann from Honolulu, Hawaii. This is my first blog post, and I think I would like to do more of these. I pop into the chatroom once in a while (when my computer isn't acting up.. gah I need a new one!) so you might catch me there too. I'm really liking this community so far, you cosdev folks are amazing! I'm excited to be a part of this family. I will be assisting in shooting HarleyGirl's first set next more...

Okay, so this week if all goes as planned two sets should be shot tomorrow. The weekend after MTAC two or three more should also be done. Then at some point I'll get the last one lol These sets may or may not be: Jade (re-shoot) Tifa (re-shoot) Korra (season 2) Tatsuki Lucy Heartfilia (re-shoot) This one is a surprise :p Be sure to like my fb if you haven't already to keep up with my more...

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