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The 2015 Wall Calendar now available
Mon Aug 4, 2014 01:04 pm

The 2015 wall calendar "Deviants & Damask" is now available for pre-order! Get yours for only $15 and have it signed by some of your favorite Deviants. Get Yours Here The wall calendar returns with Deviants and Damask. Featuring 12 of your favorite models in pin-up poses on custom-themed damask backgrounds, this is one of our classiest calendars to date, and one you won't want to miss! **PRE ORDER BONUS** All orders placed before 8/13/2014 will have their calendars signed by models appearing in the calendar including; Annasthesia, Envy, Sally Sparrow and Vivka. Pre-ordered will begin shipping on 8/20/2014. Get Yours Here

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Soon I shall be going on a set hiatus. Don't worry though. I have another Yoruichi set coming out October 1st leaving EIGHT more sets of mine in the queue for you guys. Here's a preview. I still have 4 more to submit. Let's hope those get accepted as well :) And let's also hope my photog actually gives me them -glares- I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS SIR!!!!! Anyway, in October I'll have 2 or 3 final cosplays to do for this year. I'm not quite sure when I'll come out of my hiatus, but I know I will at some point. I'm also saving up for an Assassin's Creed cosplay. (oooooo fancyyyyy) I can't say whether I'll do it as a set. I really don't know. If I do, I'm sure fans of the game will, more...

I am back from con and seeing Miss Ivy! in 2 days we did 8 shoots and now I have to edit them! almost 20GB of photos!! oh. my. glob. We still didn't get to do all the shoots we wanted but we got a lot done. As for now, I am sorting through and editing sets.... this... is going to take a while lol buuuuut.... who wants a quick sneaky peak?? read more...


Wish List?

For those you whom asked I do have one! I love you guys! Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile. n.n ~LZ xoxo read more...

New cosplays! New sets soon!! Happy happy!! :D ...Just to show you my last costumes guys: A Slytherin student from Harry Potter and the lovely princess Sara Altney from Final Fantasy III. I still have to shoot my Horo (CD set weee~) and plan to shoot Sara for CD too :) More on my FB page ( and dA ( ! read more...


Gearing Up!

Hey, all! Things are back in gear at Casa Thalia, with FIVE costumes ready or almost ready to shoot. The devil's in the details, so can you guess what four characters or media these props represent? read more...

Just thought I'd keep y'all updated. Got to shoot my intro set (I hope) yesterday for here. A humanoid girl version of the Cheshire Cat. Pretty epic, I must say. Though I had a few snags along the way.... I got to the site only to discover I had forgotten my wig at my house! My photographer was nice enough to load me into the car and drive me to my house and back so we could shoot it, though we only had an hour to do it in.  Luckily we were both on our marks and got it done.   in the process of getting makeup done, Jon stole my cat ears.  just finished my eye makeup....  and finally the car trip to get my wig! It's fun driving around town with a giant grin on more...


fan page?

Working on more female cosplays. I usually do make but for cosdev and my friends I'm working on a few more stuff. If anyone is wanting to take a look go stop by. read more...

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