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Cleaver Girl

Added 03/02/15

Golden Child

Added 02/28/15

Urge to Roar

Added 02/25/15

Arsenic Catnip

Added 02/23/15

Junior Detective

Release Date: 2015-03-04

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Dungeons and Deviants Returns to Gen Con
Mon Feb 2, 2015 12:00 pm

Dungeons and Deviants, our “critical hit” party hosted at Gen Con in Indianapolis, is officially confirmed to return in 2015! Look for more details as we get closer to the convention, but (for now) mark your calendars for the evening of August 1st for a night you won’t soon forget at our new venue: Tiki Bob’s Cantina! TBC is located within walking distance of the Indiana Convention Center at 231 South Meridian Street. Read More

New Site Features
Sun Dec 28, 2014 09:52 pm

We're constantly growing here at and are happy to add a new level of interaction to our site. Many of you may have already seen your user avatars appearing alongside your comments in the gallery and model blogs. Along with this we have also added the ability to reply to comments, allowing for even more interaction between our devoted members and our deviant models. We hope you enjoy and use the new features as we work hard to bring you even more as we grow. Read More

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3 Mar

By: Bear
Welcome! We can't wait to see your first set! :grin:
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3 Mar

I post the link to the website my friend is making for me soon :) also my facebook page is :evilish:
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3 Mar

By: Bear
Dovah, you could do Ms Nekonome from Rosario + Vampire! ... s+nekonome
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2 Mar

Cool. Was wondering who all I would be seeing at the con.
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2 Mar

By: quidem
Does anyone have a copy of the images that were removed? nope, they got lost a while back
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Should i shoot my Black Cat for Cosplay Deviants? read more...

Check out my Daphne set coming out on the 4th!read more...

Yay! domino was approved and I submitted a deadpool one today...been so busy with new cosplay. Here are two pics from this wekeend Long Beach Comic Expo as Black Cat and Club Cosplay geek meet with a new art/cosplay collab with artist Jed Tomas as Stripper Cat Woman. We will be releasing photo and illustration prints soon. So excited. Also a little Deadpool teaser and my upcoming con schedule! Con Schedule Long Beach Comic Expo Feb 28 Geek Meet Club Cosplay Mar 1st Wondercon Anaheim April 3-5 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim April 18 Club Cosplay House of Blues Anaheim April 18 (releasing punk rock slave Leia print) Anime Expo Los Angeles July 2-5 Long Beach Comic Con Sept 12-13 more...

A few days ago I slipped and fell on ice which led to my phone falling out of my pocket and breaking so I have not been able to post as much sadly. But I've been staying very active on my twitter to keep everyone updated. <3 I have a few shoots coming up for here and on my page so keep posted! Also thank you to everyone gifting me, it's been so nice since this past week was very roguh. It means the world to me. Stay amazing Grimlies, and don't forget to smile. n.n Twitter - @MsLolitaZombie Amazon Wishlist ~ ~LZ xoxoread more...

Hey again guys! <3 <3 <3 Just going to do a quick update on a couple things . c: I will be moving in April! Though I am still staying in the Atlanta area. My birthday is fast approaching and is in less than a month! :) I have had a few people asking me about it so I made a little bday list here if anyone wished to gift me anything at all : if you do get anything make sure to let me know ( if you want). Most of these things are to help me with my move coming in April to make a healthier  and nicer area and living enviroment. Also just some little past times I enjoy. ~  ( I plan to make every inch of my new place photographable so I more...


New Deviant

Okay so finally I got my first set accepted! I'm really excited for it to be up on the site. I'm already planning so many sets for this site, I'm pumped. First one (which has been accepted already being Rena Ryuugu.) but i'm already getting together Harley Quinn from Assualt on Arkham.  For furture sets I am working on Maya from Borderlands and i'd like to stay true to my name and have a few pokemon sets as well.  I can't wait and I'm glad to get to be apart of what's going on here ^^read more...

I'm so excited to see my first set in the preview panel, that mean you all get to see Arsenic Catnip tomorrow! I really hope you guys like it. It seems like my photographer and I worked on this set forever, but the wait is well worth it. I'll also be hanging out in the chat room tomorrow on and off throughout the day for pretty much the first time ever. Meep!read more...

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