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Lady of Light

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Christmas Spirits

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Seductive Pheromones...

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True Goddess

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Spice and Season

Release Date: 2014-12-20

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales
Mon Nov 24, 2014 06:36 pm

With the holidays comes the sales and here at we are not one to deny someone an opportunity to take home some of their favorite Deviants. Not only will we have print grab bags, 2015 wall calendars and lanyards on sale but we're kicking off the festivities early this year by launching our yearly pool of Eternal Memberships! Read More

2015 Convention tour announced!
Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:59 am

CosplayDeviants is happy to announce that we have solidified our first stops on the 2015 convention tour. We are excited to say we will be appearing at the following fan-conventions: MegaCon in Orlando, FL Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA We hope to see many of you at the Cosplay Deviants booth and look forward to debuting new merchandise on our 2015 tour. Read More

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19 Dec

Always posting pics. I like my women how I like my fanfics.
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18 Dec

Dude, you were reading my mind. I was talking to a friend about how I wanted to do a Renegade Enzo Cosplay sometime soon.
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18 Dec

Awesome, thank you!
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17 Dec

NurseHarley is getting more and more excited for the con knowing that there is going to be a meet up that she can meet more of the models. :grin:
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Ok, so weather and other issues have been pushing my next set back farther and farther.  I've gone through like six characters to try and push through in outdoor spots but due to the heavy snow where I live all bets were off!  I come bearing good news though, I can say with 100% certainty that I'm shooting my next set THIS weekend! :D  I am beyond excited and have some great ideas lined up for it!  I've been boucing around all week in excitement for this.  Hopefully it will be accepted soon and debuted too!  read more...

WOOOOO My store is finally live on my website. Its still under construction but its there! ;) *One set still in queue here *One set shot already this month *one set ready to shoot *two costumes figured out just need to order     (one of whitch will be shot in a couple of months) I do wish that more sets went live on here a week so that sets wouldnt sit in queue for so long *le sigh* read more...



I've recently taken a giant dive back into watching anime. Why did I ever stop???? I have a new set planned based on my new favorite series. Gears are turning and I'm really excited.  Life has been really busy so I haven't had too much time for the Internet world. im definitely trying to change that. I want to be a more active participant and shoot some more! Not to much exciting is going on to update you with. i wish everyone a happy holiday!read more...

I am in episode 1 (long hair), episode 3 (bald), episode 5 (tied updo hair) and episode 6 (long hair with a headchain).Try to play SPOT KATHTEA! read more...

Hello everyone !! I was made this set with an Photographer on Paris before Cosplay deviant acceptation and i want to share you My first nude set ! with my first hand made cosplay <3    My first set of naked with my first cosplay handmade! I am very excited, chat photographer's found the shoot so cool  and he came to keep me company time to two or three shots while stripping boudoir :) History of this shoot : Sakura grew up, she is now an adult, she is preparing for her beloved shaolan, it is slow in coming so she is preparing for the big night. Hey, this month i have Card captor sakura on DONATION SET !! 65 pictures Stripping !! + Access to my more...

My Chistmas holo set is in the preview box wooo! I can't begin to even tell you all how excited I am for all of you to see it. c: It was a labor of love and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. <3 Secondly, I thought I would let everyone know my christmas deal is still going on. Didn't hear about it before? Well here's the juicy details below. <3  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This month I will be offering a special edition artistic nude Asuna Holiday photo set that's up for grabs till the holidays are over!This festive photo set is jam packed with 130 photos (naughty and nice), cutesy more...



I had no idea that a few things that I applied for were approved for more sets until just now!!! GET READY GUYS BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT TO HAPPEN. >:D  ~LZ xoxoread more...

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