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Past Events

December 13 - December 14 2014: Jekyll Comic Con, 31527, United States

July 03 - July 06 2014: Anime Expo 2014, Los Angeles, CA, 1331 & 1333

March 21 - March 23 2014: Megacon 2014, Orlando, FL, 152 & 154

January 17 - January 19 2014: ANIMATE! Miami , Miami, FL, Booth 722 & 724

August 28 - September 01 2008: Dragon*Con 2008, Atlanta, GA,

Booking Information

In 2009, Cosplay Deviants expanded its presence outside of the website and began hosting a series of uniquely themed events at conventions and trade shows across the world. Our Deviant style of entertainment has been seen at:

  • Dragon Con 2014: A Night on the Grid Party (at Hard Rock Live)
  • Gen Con 2014: Adult Game Shows & The Dungeons & Deviants Party
  • Megacon 2014: A Night of Deviance Party
  • Dragon Con 2013: A Night on the Dark Side Party (at Hard Rock Live)
  • Gen Con 2013: Adult Game Shows & Dub That Hentai
  • Anime Expo 2013: Cosplay Deviants at Lounge 21 Party
  • Dragon Con 2012: A Night at the Hellfire Club Party (at Hard Rock Live)
  • Gen Con 2012: Adult Game Shows & Dub That Hentai
  • Gen Con 2011: The Hentai Cafe
  • Florida Supercon 2011: The Hentai Cafe
  • Connooga 2010: The Cosplay Deviants Party
  • Expo Comics Cancun 2010: The Cosplay Deviants Party
  • Florida Supercon 2010: The Hentai Cafe
  • Florida Supercon 2009: The Hentai Cafe

Our flagship event, The Hentai Cafe, draws adult fans of anime to a unique and exciting setting where Cosplay Deviant models interact with attendees in a themed room of evening entertainment.

We also offer game shows designed for mature audiences that include Cosplay Deviants Strip Poker, Hentai Dubbing and even an Adult Cosplay Contest. Our creative team can design events specifically tailored to your specific convention (location, theming, etc.) upon request.

Other entertainment options from Cosplay Deviants include panels (such as How to Talk to Girls at Conventions hosted by our models) and viewings like Mystery Hentai Theater 9001.

All appearances by Cosplay Deviants at conventions are promoted to our fans and members through our website and numerous social network contacts... and our fans travel at the opportunity to meet the models! Thus every booking of Cosplay Deviants at a convention results in a bump in advertising for the show.

Interested in having Cosplay Deviants at your convention or event? READ ON!

Requirements for an appearance vary based on the size of your event and the number of models requested. Here's a basic outline of what we typically request:

  • TRAVEL: Round trip airfare and/or mileage to and from an event. When air travel is involved, we will request the expense of ground transportation to and from the event location and the airport.
  • LODGING: Rooms at the event hotel are requested for the duration of our appearance.
  • PER DIEM: We usually request this to offset ancillary expenses and food costs for our team.
  • ADVERTISING: If your event has a printed guide for attendees, we may request an ad to promote our events at your convention, Cosplay Deviants and/or other related brands and projects from Cosplay Deviants, LLC.
  • BOOTH SPACE: Booth space in your event's dealers room is typically requested as part of a compensation package.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US TODAY!
Please fill out the following form or you can email Edgar Munster (our Promotions Coordinator) at Promotions@CosplayDeviants.com.
We typically respond to all booking requests within 48 hours. If you don't hear from us by then, we recommend that you call our office at (321) 385-7465 ... just in case our spam filter eats your E-Mail.