yaaay! My black butler cosplay set comes out this saturday! woot!! so excited to share the photos of this beautiful Kimono that took Kanani, Dj onyxxx and I a month solid to embroider. 

on another note: I am officially going to Anime Expo! going to be bringing a different line up this time cosplay wise, so I might be hard to spot.  I will for sure be at the cosplay deviants party, and you might see me running around as Nacho Libre and a Chocobo for most of con.

my duo with Wight Knight comes out on wednesday. Here is a really funny bts video of us goofing around in cosplay. Music is from Chariots of Fire.



alright, so texas was fun. had a great trip and met a bunch of amazing deviants. 

Next up. wellll I have a new set coming out this month! Its my first duo, and its with Wight Knight that studmuffin.

I have a really busy cosplay packed summer planned so keep your eyes peeled for all the other bts and sets coming out. MOAARRRR COSPPLLAAAYYSSSS 

ooh look at the new shiny set coming out on Wednesday! huzzah!!! also keep your eyes peeled for the other cosplay sets Iv'e been working on with Kanani Designs and Infinity Point Studio!

Heres a little Teaser of my potential Arcade Riven Set for cosplay deviants. so happy with how this turned out. :3

Thanks to oodles of help from everyone in my cosplay house. Kanani and our friend DJONYXXX ! thanx to them its almost done and will be shooting the set at the end of the month  

This shot pretty much sums up Kanani and my relationship. she approves it and does her cosplay goddess thing, and I nerdy out and run around screaming with a giant blade fangirling.


Hi all! sorry I havent blogged recently, but I have been working on a bunch of cosplays for potential cosplay deviant content. 

First off my Uta genderbend cosplay set is almost finished editing and ready for submission * fingers crossed*

Second I will be shooting a Skyrim Nightingale armor cosplay next week in the snow!!!!!

so look out for bts because Wight Knight is coming to visit and shoot some potential content and * drum roll* a very cute and sexy hopeful Xiphos will be joining for a fun filled snow venture with her bleach cosplay.

and last but not least, I acquired access to some arcade machines from the help of a friend to shoot my Arcade Riven cosplay next month. woo! all the cosplays!  


So excited that my bae Kaine set will be coming out soon. next week to be precise. :3 I will also be bringing this lovely cosplay to Newcon. I will have the grimoire with me and possibly one of the blades. SO EXCITED!!!! Newcon is almost here! here's a shot from the summer when Kanani and I  took her to the hotsprings to tide ya'll over till the set comes out.

Hey, everyone! I'm so excited for not only my Nurse Joy cosplay set coming out, Getting on the NewCon Travel Team, but also.... for the new cosplay I'm working on! going to try my hand at LED's with the help of kanani and friends, minor armor pieces, and more intensive wig styling.Going to try to make a full WIP of it and possible time laps on weapon creation video. For those of you who didn't tune into my Q&A, Can you guess what my newest cosplay will be off based off this pic?

Eucon baby!

Hi everyone This weekend is Eucon which is a Eugene Comicon! this is the second year of it, but I'm so excited to see the cosplay community expanding to even smaller cities. I and my friends will be there so if you're going come say hi! I'll be dressed to kill as Kaine from Drakengard.