Hello!  I just want to wish you a happy new year :) I hope this new year is very prosperous for you and achieve everything you propose,  I have several new cosplay projects :) I hope to be able to make them all :3 also I will be entering in the CD chat more often, I hope to see you there!!

PD: Today is my birthday and I'm having a good day <3


Hello, how are you doing? Are you getting ready for Christmas? I want to say thank you because I recived some inbox here asking me if I'm planing  other sets for Cosplay Deviants, I submitted some material, I hope they will be accepted  and released soon :), I have more cosplays to do for the next year so you can have Hitomi for a long time :) thanks for your support and... Merry Xmas!

I just want to send you a kiss :) thanks to your support my debut set has been chosen as the limited edition November print of the month

I will work to continue preparing material for you! :)



Happy Halloween!!

I have not prepared a custome, but I have paint :P 

how are you going to spend your halloween night? 



Hi! I want to say thank you for your warm welcome, I'm very happy to be part of this family, being here and work for you. I already sent some sets pending to revision, wish me luck! 

today we had a new shooting, I hope you like Sailor Venus! 



Today I want to share some pictures from a photo shoot with the black cat keyhole, this is not for CD, were just made for fun and for you :3