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Cosplay Deviants TCG sets 1-3 Now a
Thu Feb 4, 2016 07:22 pm

Complete your collection of Cosplay Deviants trading cards with the full series 1-3 sets now available for pre-order. Read More

CosplayDeviants 2016 Calendars are in stock!
Thu Oct 15, 2015 08:57 am

The 2016 calendar is back in stock and features 16 of your favorite models in beautiful poster-sized spreads. Get Yours Here Read More

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Hey!  Hey you!  I uploaded a mini shoot for my Sailor Mars in my VIP member thread and I'm going to be giving out the link in chat over the next few weeks :)  It's a few hot pictures of my favorite sailor scout before I shoot her again!  Preview you say?  Look down here! read more...






If anyone has been following my social media over the past few weeks they'll have noticed that I've been professional catfighting a bit o.o In more cosplay related new, my concept for Rey (Star Wars) has been approved for the 2017 calendar! I can't wait to shoot her! At the end of this month I'll be going on a multi week roadtrip with Foxy (we'll live stream some of our trip via periscope!) and shooting multi sets with Foxy, Hex, and Frell (maybe a few others!) So much content is on the way!  Well, better get back to crafting o.o I'm burning the edges of my fabric for Rey's wrappings (mr, Shiver is making my staff!), building wigs for Felica ( more...

I should be shooting marvin this thursday! Whether it will be accepted or not is anybody's guess but I have my fingers crossed. Still getting my stuff together for apollo (mostly the boots, not sure the red platforms I have will work out too well but we'll see) Anywho happy tuesday... since I can't submit tiana as a set... I figured I could share some stuff on the blog (which hopefully will be ok to do)  I wish you good health, a long life and happiness     read more...

Gosh serioulsy blushing from the positive feedback from everyone! Thank you all so much for the kind words on my debut set "Death" I still cant belive I'm now a Cosplay Deviant and feel like I'm dreaming! Gotta shout out to my girl Gemini! I wouldnt be here without all your help thank you so much for all you do and taking the time to help me. <3  Many blessing to all you lil Deviants! xoxo  read more...

My Nonon (Nudist Beach) set was accepted, so hopefully you will all be seeing it on the front page soon :-) I am really excited about this one - KLK is one of my top favorite animes ever and and just LOVE Nonon. I think this version of her is particularly sexy (I mean, she's not wearing too much, but still...) I hope to do many more versions of her in the future!! In other news I also shot a really awesome set of Mewes as Deadpool a few weeks ago that was also accepted and should be going live in coordinance with the new movie release sometime after Valentine's Day! This is actually one of my top two favorite sets I've ever shot for a website in all time and I am just more...

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to have my first cosplay set release on Monday, even more thankful to all the awesome people who helped me into this journey and made this set possible! I really hope you all enjoy the set as much as I did creating it. Psylocke has always been a favorite of mine and I really had a blast channeling my inner Psylocke! I'm incredibly honored and super excited to now be part of the Cosplay Deviants communtiy and really look forward to sinking my teeth into the world of cosplay! ;) Have a blessed day fellow Deviants <3 read more...

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