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The 2015 Wall Calendar now available
Mon Aug 4, 2014 01:04 pm

The 2015 wall calendar "Deviants & Damask" is now available for pre-order! Get yours for only $15 and have it signed by some of your favorite Deviants. Get Yours Here The wall calendar returns with Deviants and Damask. Featuring 12 of your favorite models in pin-up poses on custom-themed damask backgrounds, this is one of our classiest calendars to date, and one you won't want to miss! **PRE ORDER BONUS** All orders placed before 8/13/2014 will have their calendars signed by models appearing in the calendar including; Annasthesia, Envy, Sally Sparrow and Vivka. Pre-ordered will begin shipping on 8/20/2014. Get Yours Here

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BEWBS Welcome new recruits into the world of devius and a bow to the rest of our up-standing members. My Womb Raider set just came out and I am super happy about your avalance of compliments, as always! The people who do chose to put time into their wonderful comments are muchly appreciated, I can't even tell you! Interestingly enough, it is always peculiar to see all glowing reviews and full raging 5 stars only to come back to no new or negative comments, yet the rating has dropped by a whole star. It may be the cam girl roots in me, but I always use avaialble rating systems (which are usually stars, what's with that?) as a way to get feedback on my more...


EEEK! im trying to be good and not spill the beans (metaphorically..kus..eww. beans. gross...moving on!) and tell everyone but gahhhh im so excited! so my Lady Death video and photoset will be coming to CD soon, along with a few other characters ill be shooting this month and im so excited! also, i MAY have a gorgeous mystery lady coming to texas in a month or two to shoot some duo sets with me, and while i dont want to give away the suprise... but.. ITS GONNA BE AMAZING! excited ramblings are over..for now! <3 read more...


Hello Loves

(***DISCLAIMER: THIS BLOG HAS BEEN SHORTENED FOR THE SITE, PLEASE READ MORE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE***)After a very busy and stressful summer I am getting ready to go on a brief hiatus to get my life and health in order. Not to fear though- I have some awesome things in the works for December! This includes a trip to Northern California where I'll be shooting a ton of new cosplays for Cosplay Deviants- hopefully WITH other lovely ladies (Denali Winter, Blind Vanity, Ethereal Deviant). I'll still be lingering around the internet world- just not quite as much.PLEASE CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE INFO AND TO KEEP UP TO DATE! more... So there it is =3 go and like mehread more...

sooo i got challenged to do the ice bucket O.O thanks to someone i accepted and did it.. so be sure to check it out on my facbook pg as well! dont forget to donate! ^_^ as i also dontated as well!read more... video file for CD didn't work, so I just uploaded the video to Photobucket. Enjoy!read more...

Who's excited for DragonCon? This gal! Not cosplaying this year (I was sick during my prime planning/building time), but I'm looking forward to seeing the guests, the panels, and all the costumes. I'll probably be stopping by the CosDev booth at some point, more...

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