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The 2015 Wall Calendar now available
Mon Aug 4, 2014 01:04 pm

The 2015 wall calendar "Deviants & Damask" is now available for pre-order! Get yours for only $15 and have it signed by some of your favorite Deviants. Get Yours Here The wall calendar returns with Deviants and Damask. Featuring 12 of your favorite models in pin-up poses on custom-themed damask backgrounds, this is one of our classiest calendars to date, and one you won't want to miss! **PRE ORDER BONUS** All orders placed before 8/13/2014 will have their calendars signed by models appearing in the calendar including; Annasthesia, Envy, Sally Sparrow and Vivka. Pre-ordered will begin shipping on 8/20/2014. Get Yours Here

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to many!

i have a list of things to do next and i cant decide which to do first! o.o they are all so epic!read more...

First of all I'm happy that I met a few deviants and fans from my page on Saturday at Anime Weekend Atlanta. I took Judith from Tales of Vesperia and Shion from No. 6.  Second, cosdev as approved my "Rule 63" version of Noiz from Dramatical Murder. I'm so excited about that cosplay. I'm actually going to be getting my piercing for that cosplay (really I'm using the cosplay as an excuse TO get the piercings.  Lastly, I have 2-3 more sets for cosdev planned along with 3-4 dou sets with some of the Deviants. I just need to makes all 8 outfits.... probably more.  Hope everyone has a great day and hope you enjoy my debut set when it releases.  Preview of Judith more...



AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) was a fun con. Here's two pics from it :) read more...



is anyone going to comikaze con????????????????????????????? i will be there as juliet covered in SCARY ZOMBIE BLOOD!!! looking for some afterparties too XD buahahaha!!! should be a blast!!read more...

Gah! I've been so busy with work, shoots, cosplays, friends, working out, and vlogs I haven't been able to post here in a few weeks. I have two new sets for you's that I'm waiting on photo's for. I have treats coming your way on my fan page. And I've been getting sponsored a lot so I've been very busy making new review video's on my youtube but editing is always a a pain! I just wanted to drop by and say I love you guys mucho and to keep being awesome! <3 ~LZ xoxoread more...


New Set Soon

it's is a hint about my next set ! (if accepted of course ^^= ) But WHO ? try to answer in comment => ;Dread more...

I'm hoping the rain stops today, I was planning on shooting my Yoko Littler cosplay today for Deviants. Mayhaps the gods will smile upon me?read more...

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