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I am heading to Animazement today and will be there all weekend! Will anyone else be going? I'd love to meet some of you!

All packed and ready to go... >_>

I will be cosplaying as Shiro from NGNL on Saturday and debuting Toshino Kyoko on Friday! Hope to see you there! xoxo


At momocon this weekend its going to be super fun :3

Some behind the camera and selfies from this weekend. Traveled out of town to work with Kramer Studios again to bring two new colorful and sexy sets to the site! :) I've spend the last few months working my butt off trying to get these cosplays done, while working on burlesque costumes and routines too. I even learned some new tricks about cosplay, like how to paint shoes to make them match the cosplay. I honestly think shoes are the hardest part of cosplay, they are super intimidating, but when I found that leather shoe paint exists, it made everything go smoother. The Saeko shirt is a shirt I thrifted and completely altered, because when I tried to sew my own dress shirt, I realized I am too curvy to fit in a basic sewing pattern shirt. The Pinkie Pie cosplay is all handmade, minus the jacket, which I altered, and the shoes, which I painted. I actually got to use my real...

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Welcome to the first article of my new ongoing series that I have named The Essential Comic Collection.  In this series, I will be looking at what I feel to be the “must haves” in any comic collection.  These could be small run/limited run comic titles (e.g. The Watchmen), one shot graphic novels (e.g. Batman:  The Killing Joke) or story arcs in a larger run series (e.g. Iron Man:  Demon in a Bottle).  With each article, I will be speaking about that particular work of art’s Publication History, Plot Summary, and Why It Is Essential.  If you are concerned about spoilers, feel free to read the first two sections without worry, but stay away from the last one, that’s where I will be discussing the impact of that title on comics as a whole.  
The first title I will be looking at is the longest run in terms of issues published on my list and, in my opinion, the greatest example...

Every generation romanticizes history. Those of us captivated in hobbyist or geeky interests are no exception to this notion. Throughout history, humanity often looks back in reflecting on the love of art and literature and view history in nostalgic and romanticized frameworks. But unlike most scholars rightly looking to delve where we have gone wrong in our romanticizing of history, I am going to share with you my experience with a genre that defies those notions in new and interesting ways. This newer genre of geeky culture continues to storm social media, conventions, and the imaginations of maker, cosplayer, and enthusiast alike. These are unique people who see history as a thing to be tinkered with when it comes to inspiration in drawing from centuries of culture and art. 
I had the joyous opportunity of partaking again in the largest ticketed Steampunk festival in the world: The Steampunk World’s Fair....

     There are some video games out there that just finishing the game is a huge accomplishment.  These games go down in history of being the hardest games to complete, and to finish one was a badge of honor.  Being of the older generation of gamers (not saying how old mind you), my earliest accomplishments of beating NES classics such as Mega Man, Contra, Battletoads, and Ninja Gaiden still fill me with pride.  However, we lost some of this pride as games progressed.  Developers started putting in multiple lives, save points, or just made the games easier to beat in order to reach a wider audience.  That was, until From Software and Namco Bandai released their version of pain and suffering in the form of Demon Souls.  Demon Souls, and the Dark Souls games that followed, turned up the heat on gamers everywhere.  I have friends that either love or are absolutely afraid of these games, there isn't an in-between.  When I beat D...

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