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A Beautiful Thing

Added 07/30/14

Cerberus Officer

Added 07/28/14

Natural Allure

Added 07/26/14

Gynoid Assassin

Added 07/23/14

The Bloodbender

Release Date: 2014-08-02

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A Night of Deviance: MegaCon Pictures are up!
Sat Apr 19, 2014 04:51 pm

We had an amazing time hosting a Night of Deviance at the Backstage Nightclub in Orlando FL. Check out the event gallery Here.

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Is that some more Avatar in the preview? I believe it is :p I hope you guys enjoy this set. i froze mt tits off for it lol I've shot 8 more sets recently. Two were submitted yesterday or so and now I'm just waiting to get the other six back so I can send those in. If they all get accepted I'll have 14 things sitting in the set queue :D #yearoftheDomi lol I hope you guys like all the sets I do :)read more...



My storenvy is now up for ONE day only as a test run! Get all your orders in now while you can! <3 more... Mark your iCalendars! Blind Vanity and I are hosting a raffle all this week for you guys to win our pretty panties from duo Soul Eater shoot and baked goodies that we will bake together on chat cam. Live Raffle Winner drawing and baking naked fun will be on August 5th @ 5PM (PST) in Cosplay Deviants chat -- GET YOUR TICKETS MEOW! When it doubt, RTFC: read more...



.... everyone gets a lifetime....  So excited to share my Death (from the Sandman) set with you all! Its in the preview box and I cannot wait for it to go live. Please leave a comment on the set and let me know what you think! <3 I tried to play up the happier, smiling side of Death... Also, if you havent read it yet ... I got interview by VICE about Cosplay is not Consent... give 'er a read~! xoxo--V Follow my antics~ more...



I can't believe that my page is almost at 10k likes already.....that's a lot. @_@ Thanks for everyones love and support from here as well. <3 Also! Otakon! I'm having my very first meet up on Saturday at 2pm infront of the main fountain. :] Come say hi!! read more...



 I just bought my first snake a ball python and i named ceil....hessss sooooooo cutttttee! read more...

I have just purchased so many things so I can post more sets and photos!!!! I have 2 cosplay sets on the way without question!!! And I bought a tripod and remote shutter for my iphone, plus a remote shutter for my Sony camera!!!! Now all I need is a gropro and I am on my way!!!! I am determined to make this work! read more...

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