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So, I totally love Steins;Gate and have basically found my personality in an anime character.  Makise almost instantly became my favorite character and so I just HAD to cosplay her!  I shot a set for Deviants trying to find that perfect apartment feel from the anime and it just makes the set a little too boring for her tastes, so I'll be reshooting her in a better  location that fits her fiery personality better ;)  But!  Teasers!  Duh :p  Enjoy!




So this just happened.
Shot a set I've been wanting to shoot for Cosdev for a long time.
With the Ghost in the Shell movie on its way, I thought it was the perfect time to be The Major.


While in Washington I got to meet a lovely Hopeful names Stagger. She and I bonded with some Drakengard cosplays. This weekend she is coming to visit for a slumber party yay! we will also be having some fun adventures with photography and our drakengard characters. Here's a cool shot of us role playing a battle. annndd FIGHT! so happy to be apart of this community and make cosplay friends.

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