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Last year was super crazy for me for conventions and I ended up attending SIX conventions across the nation!  I was on East coast and west coast xD  I'm prepping for Anime Los Angeles at the end of this month and I can't wait!  I have some exciting shoot fests I'll be attending too!  2017 is shaping up to be filled with adventures :)  Here is a throw back from SDCC last July!  My Baroness costume is on its last legs and I'm saving it for one last duo (With the lovely Bliss Junky!).
Goodbye 2016

Okay so I wasn't as active in being a deviant in 2016 as I would have liked to be, a lot of things happened not necessarily bad things just a lot of stuff and I was way more busy than I wanted to be! I didn't even get to attend conventions and I really don't like to miss them. They are a time where I can let loose and dress up and really just be geeky without anyone really judging. Don't get me wrong I'm like this everyday and just because people are watching doesn't mean it goes away but I really love cosplaying and getting to communicate that with other people who do as well. Conventions definitely are the best place to do that so missing a bunch really does suck. Then again none of this really makes up for my inactivity here! I should be on more in some shape or form but as strange as it is to me I still find it hard to not feel shy? Any who I do plan on being more active here in some ways and making my presence known.  On the cosplay front I have two...
New Set!
My next set will be coming out in two days! Who's as excited as I am? :) Anyone here a fan of Yuru Yuri? I love me some Toshino ^_^

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Recently  I have taken it upon myself to begin analyzing the events and conventions I attend in the scope of understanding the appeal of adult content. Conventions are often intended for participants of all ages and interests. These are businesses, often for profit, that focus on entertainment and retention of patrons and participants as well as maintaining a positive rapport between vendors, performers, and guests. I have worked conventions both as a volunteer and as staff in coordinating and executing programming intended to both captivate and arouse the imagination and enthusiasm of attendees. Taking all of that into consideration, when it comes to programming more geeky and even more kinky, how much is too much to dissuade both patronage to these conventions and vendors and guests? And do we need more of it in our convention programming? At what point does a family-friendly event become a full after-hours party of debauchery? From my own experiences at kink conventions, anime...

Welcome back to the second edition of The Essential Comic Collection.  This time, I will be delving deeper into one of DC’s best limited series of the 1980’s, Watchmen.  Watchmen was a twelve issue limited run comic series, written by Alan Moore (Batman: The Killing Joke, V for Vendetta, Marvelman) and drawn by Dave Gibbons (Green Lantern, Judge Dread, Captain America).  Created during the late 80s, Watchmen looks into how superheroes would actually be like in real life.  Alan Moore used the series to look deeper into the theme of “power and about the idea of the superman manifest within society”.  The famous line from the series, “who watches the watchmen?” is representative of this theme and Alan Moore’s look into the superhero mythology. Publication History Watchmen was published and released in September of 1986 and lasted for twelve issues, with the final issue released in October of 1987.  The series ...

  Since its release, Pokémon GO offers countless players the chance to relive an age of nostalgia and it no doubt has taken the world by storm. My social media feeds are full of posts from friends I have not spoken with in years and yet I find myself excitedly messaging them with updates of my own Pokémon GO adventures. Connections I thought died out in the monotony of adulthood are suddenly thriving anew. And while I am enamored by the opportunity to reconnect with these fellow Pokémon trainers, I would have never begun to imagine the impact this free app would make for complete and total strangers. I have found myself walking the dogs outside, looking around, and seeing any number of individuals (all of varying ages) with their phones in the air and the declaration of, "There's a full grown Venomoth right over here!" and watching others crowd that corner of the park with such abandon you would think they were all ten ye...

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