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26 Jan

That was a... very nice set indeed. :dizzy: We could definitely use more sets like this one. :in_love:
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26 Jan

Once I figure out how to stream stuff, I would very much like to play Don't Starve Together or DAI Multiplayer with you folks!
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25 Jan

Here comes year three and fer the first time im actually getting a room decently close to the centre. Only 3 blocks away at the comfort suites. Anybody still looking fer a room lemme know. Im sure we can work something out. STABman, I sent you a PM about this
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24 Jan

Amazing work (:
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I'm planning to shoot the first week in March, but on top of that... I'm planning to shoot with Hex! We're still brain storming, but you will not be disappointed by our costume choices!read more...


First set

Is shot and edited. I am currently looking over everything now and I am super pleased with how my first set turned out (:It ended up being a cross between the movie and the comics, which I like and my photographer was awesome enough to keep the colour story religious to the comics too. I can't wait to submit more...

Hey everyone how is your new year going so far? :) Mines been great! <3 Just keeping everyone up to date on what I have going on currently.  Just finished shooting a killlakill Mako solo and Mako x Ryuko duo with Usatame this past week, as well as finished off our Satsuki xRyuko duo set hopefully coming soon! Also in backlog I have meg from burstangel and vulpix for the site yet to be sent in, as well as Maoyuu and Kagura that have already been accepted. I will be shooting Junko. Chii , and School girl Asuna and Sinon this weekend! So I should have tons of new content for the site this year!  Another thing, I  wanted to announce a new donation set that is now finally more...

In an attempt to be more active and prove I'm alive I've made a instagram and twitter account =D I have an tumblr too but I haven't quite figured out how that one works yet >^< ps. More of you should come in the cosdev chat more often! read more...




i am sooooooo happy you all love my newest set! it's def my fave of the three i have done so far. my photog and i found by chance the perfect location, and we def trespassed to get to it, but obviously it was worth it. i am getting ready to submit my companion cube set next, so fingers crossed that will get accepted! i'm currently also working on Jibril! there are more cosprogress photos of that on my facebook, but here's a look at some of what i've gotten done so far: can't wait to finish this and wear it to cons! and shoot it for here, of course ;) welp, that's all i've got for now. i shall leave you with a derp from my loki set ! <3 Mewread more...

So sometime soon I am to be shooting 2 new Holo sets for Cosplay Deviants with the both of these outfits ^-^ read more...

And since I already am planning more Tali sets and a Merrill one, I'm debating whether people will like an extended Bioware kick if I also do a set as Sera because I kind of am in love with this wig and the possibilities of a Sera set as a whole. Hmm...   I feel pretty cute in it, though. and Bioware is my favorite overall fandom to cosplay more...

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