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Dungeons and Deviants Returns to Gen Con
Mon Feb 2, 2015 12:00 pm

Dungeons and Deviants, our “critical hit” party hosted at Gen Con in Indianapolis, is officially confirmed to return in 2015! Look for more details as we get closer to the convention, but (for now) mark your calendars for the evening of August 1st for a night you won’t soon forget at our new venue: Tiki Bob’s Cantina! TBC is located within walking distance of the Indiana Convention Center at 231 South Meridian Street. Read More

New Site Features
Sun Dec 28, 2014 09:52 pm

We're constantly growing here at and are happy to add a new level of interaction to our site. Many of you may have already seen your user avatars appearing alongside your comments in the gallery and model blogs. Along with this we have also added the ability to reply to comments, allowing for even more interaction between our devoted members and our deviant models. We hope you enjoy and use the new features as we work hard to bring you even more as we grow. Read More

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27 Mar

looks fun hope you had a good time
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27 Mar

By: cake
Looking forward to this! Welcome!
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27 Mar

By: dibski
dadoom#1343 is my btag, played since beta, have a couple accounts and a wild smattering of toons, current main is resto druid horde side, but Im not really all that hardcore these days, but if youd like someone to join in randomly for some leveling Id be down.
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27 Mar

By: dibski
Hello everyone, I go by Dibb irl, parents gave me a name but no one seemed to like using it. I stand at 6'1" and hover around 180 most of the time, always in shape and almost always on the go. I'm from Montana, which for some reason seems to be the state that cosplay forgot, so I'm very new to it, bit of a virgin if you will lol, so I've no doubt there is plenty to learn. Other than that I'm a fairly run of the mill nerd, regularly play mtg standard, modern and legacy, have a lifelong love
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Im so excited to be in TX (leaving in the morning *sad*) and meeting and shooting with so many wonderful people. Ive gotten a couple of sets for here done, and Im looking forward to seeing them go live *soon-i-hope* and im already starting to plan my next trip out here!!! :)read more...


New costume

Got my next costume okayed and just need to go to do the shoot!  Got a couple previews of it on my Instagram if you want to check it out!! Harley Quinn Assault on Arkham is done.  And my next two costumes for here are already far in the works. Looking forward to the shoots, I hope you guys enjoy more...


OTAKON 2015!

I registered last night and booked my hotel today. MY BODY IS READY!  Who's all going!? <3 read more...

i just purchased my hokage hat for my tsunade set ^-^ so i am very excited!! , it is coming along nicely! read more...

Put so much effort into making this happen. I'm fricken stoked. I've also been very grateful for everyone purchasing things off my wishlist. It means so much to me. Have  beautiful day Grimlies! <3 wishlist - ~LZ xoxo read more...

Hello everyone ! Hey how are you ????? Do you remenber My first set in Cosplay Deviants ?i prepare a set actually in editing, made in february  <3 if you never see my Sailor moon cosplay deviant i invite you to see it and click on the link under the picture Its just preview of my cosplay not the shoot ;) My fan page : Little preview of my costume Super sonico Done and in actually in editing for sending to CD read more...

I't is really hard finding cosplays to fit my body type sense i am a plus size girl around my butt and boob areas, (alittle on my tummy but its not much to go OMG LOOK!), but i did choose a character  i hae cosplayed inthe past and hope to bring into the sexy light which is Miss Tsunade from Naruto, I will being working hard to make it a reality for you guys i promise okie?  Much Love, Oppai!read more...

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